The Sex Dolly Factory

by Vleight

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Part 4a: The Criminals Part 1

The town was becoming more populated as the decades went by, with more people entering and being born than leaving or dying. In a few more years, the town could be reclassified as an actual city, which is what the local politicians want more than anything. There were now more than 200,000 people living within the town's borders. New building construction inside the center of town has begun on buildings that were over ten stories tall. Public transportation now included over 60 busses. The new city hall is schedeuled to open next year with over fifty offices, not including the mayor's office, ten criminal courtrooms, holding cells, a bail bondsman on site, a fully stocked cafeteria, and a daycare center for the town's employees who can't afford a sitter. The only problem with this growth spurt is the inherent rise in crime that goes along with it.

This town is no different than any other metropolitan city. Crime is on the rise, hence the need for more courts. (The planned 200 cell prison was struck down on the last public referendum.) From petty thefts to grand larceny to blackmail to rape to murder have all seen a recent uptick, and the police have been hard-pressed to keep it in check. Now, I'm not saying that the police are incompetent. Yeah, they usually catch the one-timers, the crimes of passion or convenience where the perpetrators do things sloppily on the spur of the moment. The major problem are the professional criminals. These are the people who know how to commit a crime and get away with it, or at least long enough to escape with the goods. These criminals are usually fearless in their pursuits, and they have no fear of the law. So much that they all hang out at the same seedy bar down by the railroad depot in the south of town. The police know about it but can't do a damn thing to close it down or arrest the denizens there. This is where our story begins.

Reggie received a call earlier today from Charlie, saying that he came across an easy score with a high profit margin. He wouldn't give the details over the phone, but wanted to meet him at Stickey's Bar at nine. Reggie trusted Charlie since their time serving in Afghanistan, and, since their dishonorable discharge together, they have been thick as thieves, literally. They have pulled off countless robberies together, making several thousand dollars on each score. The problem is that neither one had the ability to save their ill-gotten gains.

Reggie Jefferson was a tall, well built, good looking black man who had several girlfriends, yet no one steady. You could say that he was definitely a ladies man. He liked spending money on his women, and the women he was lured to liked to show their appreciation in the back seat of his car. That suited him fine. He enjoyed getting laid on a daily basis with a different girl each time. He'd shower them with cheap gifts, buy them some cheap wine, call them "Ebony Goddess", then hop in the sack. Now, he was out of money, so he didn't hesitate when Charlie called.

He entered the bar shortly after nine, and saw Charlie Hauptmann sitting at the far end of the bar. Charlie was his superior in the army by only one grade, however they never thought of their military relationship as superior/underling. You wouldn't think of them even being friends, considering Reggie was a black urbanite and Charlie was a white, blonde, tall well-built son of German immigrants that looked like he fell off of a NAZI propaganda poster.

Reggie walked towards his friend through the darkened, smoke filled barroom, his eyes darting back and forth scanning for possible trouble. A few people looked up, not really expecting to see a black man walking alone through the bar on a Tuesday. Most people however just kept their faces down, their noses in their own affairs or into their drinks. He deftly slid onto the stool next to Charlie without saying a word.

Charlie took a sip from the drink in front of him before speaking. "Get a drink then meet me in the booth over there." He got up with his drink and walked over to the far corner booth.

Reggie ordered a glass of beer from the nearest tap. The bartender placed the glass onto a cardboard coaster and slid it in front of him, not saying a word. He slid a five dollar bill onto the bar underneath the coaster then walked over to the corner booth as well.

"Wanna tell me what's up?" he asked as he climbed into the booth.

"A major score," Charlie replied after taking another sip. "Possibly three quarters of a million."

"I don't do banks," Reggie replied without hesitating. He took a sip of his own drink before continuing. "Banks bring too much heat. That kind of money just ain't found in jewelry stores or private houses, at least ones that ain't mobbed up. Count me out. I like my freedom and life too much for that kind of gamble."

"Jesus, you pussy!," Charlie exclaimed quietly, "At least hear me out. This isn't a bank. It's a factory. A factory that makes specialty products for a very rich clientele. They deal in cash only, and it's kept on the premises. A simple in and out job. Two hours at the most."

Reggie just looked at Charlie as the white man took another sip from his glass. What kind of factory has that much cash lying around? There's gotta be some kind of catch, or his friend is setting him up for some kind of 'April Fools' type gag. He needed to hear some more information. He took another sip from his own drink and leaned forward.

"Okay," he said, "Tell me a story, and make it a good one."

Charlie sat his drink down on the table and pushed it to the side. He leaned in close to Reggie and started talking in a loud whisper so that only he could hear him.

"Okay. I was casing out an apartment of this rich stock broker, one that he kept off of the books from his company and wife. He and his wife were having a rough spot, something about a sexual harassment suit by his secretary, and he moved into the apartment with all of the valuables he didn't want his wife to get. I followed him around to get his routine, and I saw him withdrawl $500,000 cash from the bank. He went to this factory with the money and came out without it. All he had with him was what looked like a life sized Barbie doll.

"$500,000 for a doll? I decided to switch targets. I dug up everything I could to find out what's going on in there, and I found out that they make custom rubber sex dolls to rich guy's specifications. They sell anywhere from $30 up to $500,000 easy, and they only accept cash payments. My source says that they're incredibly lifelike, with vibrating mouths and pussies, and they self-moisten themselves too."

Reggie leaned back into his chair. Sex dolls? Wierdos actually spend money for a piece of plastic to fuck? That kind of money? If you have that kind of money you should be able to buy an actual living sex slave.

"This is sick," was Reggie's ony reply. "Any freak willing to fuck a plastic doll has to have something wrong with them. Their money probably has AIDS all over it or something."

"No, no no!" Charlie answered, "My source says that the money is all clean, new, uncirculated bills. It's kept in a vault on the second floor of the factory and that the owner is so confident that no one knows about it, she won't spring for a new security system! The lock on the vault door is biometric retinal scanner, but the rest of the system is almost thirty years old, and isn't, repeat: IS NOT, connected to any monitoring service! No cops are called if we can't put the system to sleep! Like I said, in and out, two hours at tthe most, and about $750,000 is all ours!"

"Okay, I'm intrigued," Reggie said. "Who's your source, and how reliable is he?"

"She's very reliable," Charlie said with a smile as he sat back into the booth. "During my research, I found out one of the mid-management employees just broke up with her boyfriend. I came in and picked up her pieces. She's an easy mark, and she told me everything about the place. I know the entire floor plan, where the security keypad is, how to get in the fastest, and what model scanner is on the vault door."

"About that," Reggie said as he took another sip from his drink, "I don't know anything about retinal scanners, and unless you took some sort of class that I'm not aware of, neither do you. How do we open the vault?"

"Chang," was Charlie's simple reply.

"Bobby Chang?!?" Reggie asked incredulously. "The boy's a crackhead! Half the time he don't know how many feet he has!"

"Take it easy," Charlie said, trying to smoothe over Reggie's complaint. It was a valid complaint, however. Reggie knows that Bobby Chang was once a brilliant security engineer and hardware designer, and the pride and joy of his Korean parents. That was until Bobby's cousin got him hooked on drugs. Bobby is now a shell of his former self, with very few and inbetween moments of lucid thought.

"Bobby's all right. I already went over it with him and he's in. He thinks it'll take less than a half hour to pop the lock. He promised to stay off the rock until after the job's done. He's getting high tonight then he's done until Saturday."

"Saturday? This Saturday?" Reggie asked.

"Yeah," Charlie replied, "They're expecting the sale of three more special orders to go through by this Friday, so we're going Friday night. I need you, man. You're the best at thinking on your feet if things go south, and the security system will be child's play to you. This is the closest thing to a cakewalk for us, and the score is a helluva lot more than the risk."

Reggie sat back, mulling things over in his head. As he did so, he ran his finger along the rim of his half empty glass. There's no way that it could be this simple and easy. But, then again, maybe it could. Charlie has never steered him wrong before. If Charlie says the money's there, then the money's there.

"We split it 40-40 for us, and Chang gets 20, or I'm out," Reggie finally said. "If he fucks up, I'll personally tap the back of his skull."

Charlie picked up his glass and raised it like he was making a toast.

"Agreed," he said, and offered the rim of his glass forward. Reggie picked up his own glass and clinked the rims. They both then downed the last of their drinks and motioned the bartender to bring them two more.


Abigail Gillen and Dr. Becky Evers were at Abigail's home celebrating the removal of the cast that had Becky's wrist immobile for almost two months. Her wrist was broken by the woman who savagely raped her, and for some reason it took a long time to heal. The doctors chalked it up to Becky's stubborn refusal to take it easy. They actually had to reinforce parts of the cast because she was wearing it down from constant use.

Becky was never the type of person to sit still. Her research alone took up most of her free time, and she was working on a way to create new sex dollys and mannequins from a potentially new source material. Also, the special order sex dolly section of the business has been picking up. The quality of her work has been spreading by word of mouth. Three more dollys were sold this week, and seven more are schedeuled over the next month. Flozell's had four more mannequins made, and they still have a standing order for African ones once the materials are available. Even the lower end inflatable sex dolls are selling well. Becky sent the schematics for their new 'Paula' inflatable doll to their China manufacturer six weeks ago, and they got their first shipment of 2000 units last Monday, and already down to 300 left. They have become a big hit even at $79.99 a pop. Not bad for it being based on a mannequin.

They were waiting for Eric to arrive with the pizza as Abigail was setting up the DVD player with one of Becky's favorite movies. She considered Becky as her dearest friend, and decided to make this her night. She gave Eric the money to pick up her favorite pizza from the little place on the other side of town, hands down the best pizza in the state. She was going to celebrate her friend's cast removal, as well as her ability to not let her forced sexual act dictate her life. Some women, when sexually attacked, become recluses and shut everything out. Some blame themselves and become suicidal. Some become enraged and lash out at everything. None of this happened to Becky, and Abigail realized that Becky was the strongest woman she had ever met, and possibly even stronger than herself. She wanted to do everything for Becky tonight, but up to a point.

Abigail knew that Becky hasn't been on a date since the incident. She also knew that the young and cute lesbian hasn't been to any of the bars she used to frequent either. She has been mostly hanging around Abigail, and Abigail knew the young girl desperately wanted to get into her panties. Although being a bisexual herself, she always thought of the girl as her surrogate daughter. She had always hoped that Becky would find a nice girl close to her own age. Someone she could share her life with and grow old with together. Abigail had loved once and it failed for her, so she decided to stop looking a long time ago. She sticks to the short term dalliances that don't amount to anything.

"Where did Eric go for that pizza?" Becky impatiently asked, "Rome?"

"Patience is a virtue," Abigail replied, "Good things can't be rushed. He'll be here shortly. Take a seat and relax a bit."

Becky threw herself onto the sofa in a huff, like a spoiled child who wasn't getting her way. It was meant in jest, and she laughed out loud when Abigail glared at her. Her laugh was infectious, and soon Abigail was laughing as well. As their laughter died down, Eric pulled into the driveway. A minute later, he was walking through the front door carrying three pizza boxes.

"Here we are," he said as he placed them on the table next to the sofa, "One pepperoni for the boss." He handed the top box to Abigail.

"One bacon and onion for me," he exclaimed as he slid the second box to the side.

"And one double extra cheese for gimpy," he said as he handed the last box to Becky. "I guess you wanna just hear your arteries harden."

"Hey, ya gotta live before ya die," Becky replied as she sat up on the sofa. Abigail placed her box on the table at the other end of the sofa and walked to the kitchen. She quickly returned with an already opened bottle of red wine and three glasses. She poured the wine into all three glasses like an expert and handed two of them to her guests. She took the third glass and had a seat on the sofa between the other two. She then handed the remote to the DVD player to Becky, and, with the start of the movie, their celebration began. It was halfway through the second movie, a little after midnight, when both Eric and Becky's cell phones went off simultaneously. They looked at each other as they too their phones from their pockets. Abigail knew that something was definitely wrong.

"What is it?" she asked, as both of her guests quickly stood up as they read their individual texts.

"Someone broke into the factory," Eric said with a concerned look on his face. The look on Becky's face was even more dire.

"They got into my lab," Becky said somberly. "I hope my security system worked."


Charlie, Reggie and Chang easily got past the fire exit door by the receiving dock. It wasn't alarmed, and it was quickly opened with an old fashioned credit card. The next trick was to make it across the warehouse floor to the security panel and shut down the motion sensors. They have a thirty second delay to give the tenant the opportunity to enter the code and shut them down after the front door is opened, however these three don't know the code, so they had less than twenty seconds to override the system. This system really was old, and Reggie shut it down in twelve seconds flat.

With the alarms shut down, they now had a chance to scope out the warehouse. They took out their flashlights and made a quick look over the shelves to see what the merchandise actually was. Charlie laughed as he read some of the labels on the boxes or looked at the rubber faces peeking through the box's windows. He even quipped that one of them looked like a girl he dated in high school. Reggie didn't really look because he was repulsed by the whole idea, and was afraid of catching a disease. Chang, on the other hand, took two off the shelves and put them in the bag he was carrying: A "Paula" doll and a "Xiang" doll, most likely intending to party later on. Reggie shook his head in disgust.

"If yo're both done shopping," he said to his fellow thieves, "Let's go! We're on kind of a schedeule here!"

"You're right," Charlie replied, "Let's go. The stairs are back here." All three men started running for the double doors in the far left corner. They slowed down as they approached, and listened for movement. Charlie slowly pushed one door open with his flashlight to check if the coast was clear. Satisfied, he threw open the door and held it for the other two to pass. Then they all raced up the stairs.

On the next landing, Charlie frantically looked around and listened for any movement at all. He then motioned for the other two to follow him over to the next set of double doors. Like he did before downstairs, he listened a bit, then slowly pushed open one of the doors. He immediately saw the rows of pews with what looked like people sitting on them. He quickly closed the door and listened again for movement. When no noise was heard, he pushed the door open again, this time shining the flashlight towards the pews. The light reflected off of the shiny latex skin of the Japanese made grade two dollys, and the clear plastic wrap that was still on some of them. He determined that it was safe to enter, but did so waringly. He wasn't going to be suprised again.

The three of them enered the room, and Chang immediately went for the dollys. Reggie reached out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He spun the shorter Korean towards the large metal door with the retinal scanner on it. He literally threw Chang towards the door.

"Work now, play later," Charlie said as he helped Chang gather his balance.

"I really don't like that guy," Chang replied as he gathered himself together.

"Feeling's mutual," Charlie said. "Get this door open and you'll never have to see each other ever again."

Chang walked over to the door and shone his flashlight all over it. It was a design he was familiar with, but it looked like it had been modified. "Uh oh."

"Explain," Reggie said tersely, as he kept shining his own flashlight around the room nervously.

"It's a standard RTX-3007 system," Chang replied, "But it's been modified somehow. It'll be a bit longer than I thought."

"How much longer?" Charlie asked.

"Two, maybe three hours," Chang replied, "Give or take."

"No good," Reggie said, "Let's leave. It's not worth it." He started towards the double doors. Charlie reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Wait a sec, will you?" He begged Reggie. He then turned to Chang.

"Why so long?"

"Well, getting into the system is no problem," Chang replied, "The problem is I don't know what modifications were done. I have to follow every wire that's been added. I don't know where they go to, like a secondary lock, another alarm system, or if it's some kind of booby trap."

Charlie looked at Chang, then at Reggie. Reggie shook his head 'No'. He then turned back to Chang.

"You have thirty minutes to get this door open. Forget about the other wires if they don't look like alarm wires. We can be out of here in twenty minutes tops once this door is open, and no cops can get here in time to catch us. Time starts now." Charlie rolled up his sleeve to follow his watch as Reggie kept an eye out. Chang pulled out a small laptop, connected some wire leads to the unit, and got to work. After twenty three minutes, the door popped open.

Charlie and Reggie entered what they thought was a vault only to find that it really was a laboratory. Chang wrapped up his laptop and was soon with them. The three men looked around the room looking for anything that looked like money, or even a safe. They couldn't make heads or tails of most of the equipmnt they saw.

"$750,000, huh?" Reggie asked sarcastically.

Charlie just looked at him. "You were expecting to see a large pile of money lying on the floor with a sign saying 'Steal me'? It's hidden here somewhere. Start looking!"

The three thieves split up around the room and began searching. As they looked, none of them noticed that the vault door was closing. They noticed when it slammed shut with an audible "CLANG". All three shot their attention to the door.

"Aw, hell," Reggie said.

"Chang, get that door open!" Charlie yelled as he ran towards it. This caper suddenly went fubar, and he was throwing in the towel. "We gotta get out of here! Now!"

Chang ran towards the door but fumbled with his laptop. It fell to the floor and slid under the table. The real problem was that when it hit the floor, it triggered an audio sensor that picked up the high pitched sound of plastic cracking. All the lights in the room clicked on simutaneously. The three men were now trying to force the door open by pushing on it with all of their might. This was akin to trying to push a cement mixer up a hill. They were trying so hard to get the door open that none of them noticed the room filling up with gray smoke. Once they did notice it, mostly through severe coughing, it was too late. Reggie was the last one to hit the ground unconscious.

Part 4b: The Criminals Part 2

Reggie slowly began to regain consciousness. As he did, his senses slowly followed suit. He felt cold all over his body. His arms and legs were stiff and heavy, and he couldn't move them. His neck was a little sore, and he slowly realized this was because his head was hanging down to his chest while he slept. He opened his eyes to a strange sight.

He and his two cohorts were suspended in the air naked and spread eagle inside a wooden frame in a room with mirrors on three walls and the ceiling. The floor was heavily padded. His frame was positioned so he was facing the only wall without any mirrors, but there was another set of double doors. To the left of the doors was a computer and monitor sitting on a rolling desk. To the right of the door was another pew with a sex doll sitting on it. It's peach latex skin shone in the dim light of the room, and it's wide oval mouth gave it a perpetual look of suprise. The hair on it's head was pink, and it draped down over its breasts almost to its waist. The wide open gap between its spread legs showed a tuft of pink pubic hair. Why the hell would anyone have the urge to fuck one of these things?

He looked to his left and saw Chang hanging naked and still unconscious. The frame he was in was perpendicular to his own. A trail of drool was running down his chest. He also noticed needle marks on both his arms and both thighs, staunch reminder that he was a heavy drug user.

The moaning that came from his right caused him to instinctively turn his head. He saw Charlie trussed up the same way both he and Chang were, but Charlie was showing signs of life again. His head started bobbing and rolling as he was trying to clear out the cobwebs. At this point, Reggie started testing his bonds. Clearly they wouldn't give, so he tried to snap his partner out of it.

"Charlie!" Reggie said in a loud whisper. His captors didn't gag any of them, but he didn't want whomever it is reason to do so now. "Hey! Charlie! Wake up! We got trouble!"

"Uhnngh," was Charlie's only reply, as his head rolled back and forth. Finally, he said something coherent. "Where am I?"

"Fuck if I know," Reggie replied, "C'mon, snap out of it, we gotta do something!"

Chang finally opened his eyes and noticed his situation. He immediately started to panic. He frantically pulled on all four of his restraints as he started to hyperventilate.

"Get a grip!" Reggie whispered loudly to him. "Charlie, think fast. We're caught spread eagle and naked. There's an unknown total of enemy combatants. We're in an unknown location with no knowledge of what's going to happen. Crackhead is of no help. We need options!"

Charlie opened his eyes slowly and looked around the room. He tested his own bonds briefly. He looked over at the freaking Chang then over to Reggie.

"We're still in the warehouse," Charlie answered. "It looks like we were drugged instead of turned over to the cops. We're probably going to be tortured to find out what we know and what we're doing here. The only thing we can do is wait until our captors make a mistake." When Chang heard the word 'torture', he really started to freak out loudly.

"Tell me again why we brought him along?" Reggie asked rhetorically.

"Let him wail," Charlie replied, "The noise will draw the attention off of us. His screaming will let us know who's holding us."

About ten minutes later, the double doors opened. Neither Charlie or Reggie heard anyone coming because of the racket Charlie was making. In walked a small brunette with glasses pushing a cart that was covered with a white towel. She was followed by a good looking slender middle aged woman with light brown hair nice breasts. Behind her was a tall man that seemed familiar to Charlie.

"Eric?" Charlie asked with a little bit of hope in his voice. If this was the guy he was thinking of, they'd be out of here in a few minutes. "Is that you, Major?"

Eric walked over to where the blonde man was hanging. He looked him squarely in the eyes. Charlie looked back with a sly grin on his face. Eric simply crossed his arms.

"Sargeant Charles Hauptmann, correct?" Eric asked. Charlie nodded 'yes'.

"You know this guy?" Becky asked as she pushed her cart over in front of the Asian man.

"Yeah, I know him," Eric replied as he turned away from Charlie. "He was under me back in Afghanistan, when I was in intelligence. A real prick."

"HEY!" Charlie yelled, "I saved your life! You owe me!"

"My life was in danger because you sold info to the Taliban," Eric replied as he turned back to Charlie. "My position was ambushed. A whole platoon was lost because of you. I could never prove it, but everyone knew you sold us out. You only 'Rescued' me to try and save your own skin from a court martial."

"I don't know this guy," Reggie said, motioning towards Charlie, "I just do some jobs with him."

"Nice try, Corporal Jefferson," Eric said as he turned towards Reggie. "I already know you two have been together since Kabul. Both got thrown out together. Both have been doing robberies all over the state for years. You're both going down together, but how badly depens on the answers you give."

"Now then," Abigail said as she walked forward, "Why did you decide to rob us?"

No one answered, unless you count the screams and sobs Chang was making.

"You obviously knew about our floor layout and security systems before entering. How?"

Still, there was silence.

"What were you looking for? Were you hired to find our secrets? Is this industrial espionage?"

"Lady, you can go fuck yourself," Charlie finally replied. "We're not afraid of prison, so you can go ahead and call the cops. We're not talking." Abigail, Eric, and Becky all gave off extremely wide smiles upon hearing this declaration.

"Police?" Abigail said mockingly, "Oh, the police will not be called. My friend here, Dr. Evers, wants to try out a few things she has been working on for the past few months. It is so nice that the three of you have volunteered to be guinea pigs for her." With that, Becky peeled the white towel off of the table. Sitting there were six syringes. Three held a light blue liquid and three held silver liquid, sort of like mercury.

"Hell, I ain't afraid of a little torture," Reggie said, acting like a tough guy.

"Obviously you're not afraid of anything little," Abigail mocked at him, pointing at his dick, "I can see one myth about black men isn't true. You're the same size as your two friends here... Now, do you wish to continue being tough, or do you wish to answer my questions?"

"When I get out of here, I'm gonna show you how much of a man I can be." Abigail, Becky and Eric all had a good laugh over this statement.

"Dr. Evers, please begin," Abigail asked after she stopped laughing.

Becky picked up one of the blue liquid syringes and headed over to Chang. "If no one minds, I'm going to start with the screamer." She leaned over to inject the Korean, but his wild thrashing made it difficult. Eric walked over and grabbed hold of Chang's arm so Becky could work her magic. She emptied the whole syringe into the man's arm then stood back. Chang stopped panicking, as if he was given a sedative. Eric let go of his arm and came around the front to watch the show.

"How long should this take?" Abigail asked.

"We should start noticing something soon, if my calculations are correct," Becky replied, "If they're wrong, he'll probably die in a few minutes. No major loss."

Everyone in the room started looking at Chang as he started moaning. Slowly, his body's muscles started twitching, then quickly picked up the pace. Sweat started pouring off of his body. His cheekbones started migrating up his face as his lips became fuller. His hips started to expand as his waist shrunk. His feet and hands became smaller and slender, and his body became shorter. Eric had to release his ankles from their bonds before his limbs were torn from their sockets. Suddenly, his penis and testicles started shrinking, like they were growing inward. The hair on his head started growing and didn't stop until it reached the top of his now shapely ass. His skin then started flaking off, leaving smooth white porcelain skin in its wake underneath. Finally, his breasts swelled up to a D-cup with large rock hard nipples. This whole process took fifteen minutes, and now Chang is a beautiful woman.

"Wha...What did you do to me?" She asked in a high pitched squeaky voice while still being suspended by her wrists.

"Nothing," Becky replied, "I just gave you a sex change."

Chang screamed like only a woman could. Both Charlie and Reggie stared in horror.

"Amazing," Abigail said, "How did you do this?"

"Yeah," Eric asked, "And is everything there real?"

"Everything's real," Becky replied. "Go over and take a feel." Both Abigail and Eric went over and felt the new girl's breasts. Eric also fondled her nipple. The girl moaned in pleasure.

"She's extremely sensitive because of the new skin," Becky said. "As to how I did it, it was relatively simple once I discovered the Y chromosone trigger."

"What do you mean, the Y Chromosone?" Eric asked.

"All mammals are basically born female," Abigail said, "A hormone introduced at the right time of development causes the Y Chromosone to kick in, making the mammal a boy."

"That's right," Becky added, "All I had to do was to remove that hormone and the Y Chromosone itself and the body was 'Rebooted' into it's original female form. Easy Peasy. Now, should I finish with this one, or do the next one?"


"Reggie, shut up!" Charlie urged.

"No! Fuck You! This was your idea!" Reggie turned to Eric as much as his body would allow. "He said that there was $750,000 here in this place! He got the info from a girl he was dating that works here! That's all I know! I swear!"

"Too little, too late," Becky sighed, as she approached Reggie with the syringe filled with the blue serum.

"No! God, no! Please!" Reggie begged, but Becky was prepared for the squirming this time. She lunged out and jabbed him in the thigh and injected the serum. This time, the process went much faster. First, Reggie seemed sedated. Then his cheekbones moved up as his lips became fuller. The sweat was pouring off of his body in buckets. His hands and feet became dainty. His hips and ass grew as his waist shrunk. All of the hair fell offf of his body except for his pubics, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The hair on his head, once cropped close to his scalp, became more loose and fuller. It reached down past his shoulders. His penis and testicles started growing into his body as he started to shrink. Eric released his ankles as well before she hurt herself. her old skin started flaking off leaving a creamy brown soft skin behind it. Finally, her tits grew in with a vengeance, ballooning out to a F-cup.

"Wow, I do great work," Becky said, not being able to take her eyes off of the new girl in front of her.

"Yes, you do," Abigail agreed, "Do you realize what this means? We can fill out the Flozell's order without finding African women. We don't have to hunt any more women if we don't have to. We're going to make a fortune."

"I don't believe this," Reggie said quietly as she hung by her wrists in a now higher pitched voice, "Please change me back. I told you everything I know."

"Nah, I don't think you did," Eric replied. "Anything you wanna add, Charles?"

"You can still go fuck yourselves," Charlie replied in defiance.

"So, they need more convincing," Abigail said. "Becky, please do stage two with the China doll."

"What?" Chang asked, "What's stage two?"

Becky reached up and gave Reggie's right tit a squeese, and she gave a light moan. She then walked back over to the table holding the syringes. She picked up one of the silver liquid syringes and headed over to Chang.

"Do you have the right syringe?" Abigail asked.

"Yeah," Becky replied. "I have each syringe coded to the individual's DNA, and marked the syringes. This isn't my first rodeo, remember." Chang was still hanging by her wrists, and too weak from her transformation to resist the next syringe. Becky easily plunged it into the girl's thigh.

"We'd better get her down from here," Abigail said, "The last time we did this to someone while in restraints, I almost received a broken nose." Eric walked over and released her wrists, and the naked girl collapsed to the floor.

"What's happening now?" Reggie asked, concerned for her own well-being.

"Watch and learn, babydoll," Becky replied as she stood back from Chang.

When Chang hit the floor, he was sprawled out. Shortly, she pulled into the fetal position and started coughing violently. Suddenly, the small Asian girl screamed in abject pain.

Reggie's eyes became wide as saucers. Sweat was still running down her body as she was still shrinking. She thought some sweat ran into her eyes as it looked like Chang's skin was becoming as shiny as the doll sitting on the pew across the room.

It was no illusion, though. Chang's skin was turning into latex, starting at her waist and spreading both up and down. She was now gasping for air, yet not uttering a sound. As the transformation reached her newly formed clit, she had her first orgasm as a woman. She couldn't wait for another! Her thighs were being forced apart and bent into a 90 degree position, then her knees also bent as if waiting for her lover to take her. Her toes pointed straight down with her heels in tight. Her asshole stretched out wide then relaxed. Her vagina was now several layers of moist folded latex, waiting to be fucked. Her tits expanded as they turned to latex, and her ariolas became as big as saucers. Her mouth formed the large oval 'O' in anticipation of a cock, and stayed that way. Her arms stood slightly away from her body and bent at the elbows, her fingers pointing forward. Her transformation into a sex dolly was almost complete.

"I...I can't move," Chang said in a metallic, recorded sounding voice.

"Excellent job!" Eric exclaimed. "You're giving her a voice box?"

"We can get about $300,000 for a sweet talking Asian fucktoy," Abigail said, "All we have to do is reprogram it."

"Got the programming right here," Becky added as she pulled a flash drive from her pocket.

"Already?" Abigail aked incredulously.

"I had a fantasy about an Asian chick, and I made this in case the chance ever came up. Trust me, it'll be awesome." Becky went over to the computer and wheeled it over to where the Chang dolly laid. The diodes were attached to the dolly's temples, and Becky uploaded the flash drive. Soon, the diodes on the doll's temple were blinking, signalling the download was working.

"Please, don't do that to me," Reggie was still begging, still weak from her transformation. "I don't know any more than what I've already told you. Charlie knows everything else. He has all the details. I can't tell you what I don't know."

Abigail and Eric looked at each other, as if trying to silently agree if the girl is telling the truth. Becky, on the other hand, was practically drooling. She couldn't take her eyes off of the black girl. It was pretty obvious what had happened. Dr. Frankenstein had fallen in love with her monster.

"Well...," Abigail began, "I believe you, and I think Eric does too. However, we can't just let you walk out of here. Sorry, but it's your turn to become a dolly." Reggie started weeping.

Becky saw the puppy dog pout the poor girl was giving off, and her heart melted. She couldn't do it. She was in love with her, even if it was purely physical. She did, however, have another brilliant idea.

"Mind if I try something?" Becky asked.

Abigail and Eric both looked at her. "What do you have in mind?" Abigail asked.

"Something that could make us even more money," Becky nswered. "If this works, we'll have a grade 5 sex dolly."

"Grade 5?" Eric asked.

Abigail stood in thought for a moment. "I'm intrigued," She finally said, "Go ahead."

Becky jumped into the air and clapped her hands in joy. She then went back over to the computer table and picked up two more diodes. She attached them to Reggie's temples.

"What are you doing?" Reggie asked weakly.

"If this works," Becky replied, "I'm making you mine."

Abigail and Eric were both watching Becky work. Charlie was quietly trying to slip from his bonds, thinking that no one was paying him any mind. Becky was typing furiously on her computer, entering codes and extracting subroutines from already existing programs on her computer.

"Can you use the computer while reprogramming the other one?" Abigail asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Oh, yeah, definitely," Becky replied without stopping typing. "There's enough memory here to do both." Once she finished typing, she picked up another silver liquid syringe. She headed over to where Reggie was still hanging.

"No, no, no, no, no, no...Please don't make me into one of those disgusting things..."

"Don't worry baby," Becky reassured the girl, "You won't become one of them... Technically." She injected the liquid into the same thigh that the blue serum went into. She then went over and started typing on her computer again. The diodes on Reggie's temples started blinking.

"AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!" Reggie screamed. She pulled up on his wrist restraints in intense pain. Her head started bouncing around on her neck like it was a toy.

"We'd better let her down," Eric said as he started walking towards the screaming girl.

"No, let her go," Becky replied as she grabbed him by the arm. "Just watch." She continued typing

Reggie kept on writing in pain as she started coughing violently like Chang did. Her skin started to turn into chocolate brown latex, starting at her abdomen and working its way both up and down. It reached her newly formed clit, and she in turn had her first orgasm as a woman. Her legs, however, did not form into an open wide pose. The latex simply spread down both her legs. When it reached her toes, her toenails turned ruby red. It reached her breasts quickly, but they didn't expand like Chang's did. The ariolas did get large and dark brown. The nipples also doubled in size, but her cup size stayed the same. Her coughing stopped but she was silently gasping for air. The latex reached her mouth, but it didn't form the typical oval 'O' like the other dollys. It finished by quickly spreading up her arms, and it colored her fingernails ruby red as well. All this time, Becky was constantly typing, downloading information into the dolly as it was being created.

When she was done typing, Reggie had stopped twitching. She went over and removed the diodes from her forehead and placed them back onto the computer table. She then walked back over to admire her handiwork. After a few seconds in basking in the glow of what she just accomplished, she figured it was time for a test run. She asked Eric to come over and help remove her wrist straps. Reggie was released, and Becky helped lower her to the floor and find her footing. Standing up, Reggie was now only slightly taller than Becky, who was only five foot four inches tall.

Reggie opened her eyes and looked around. Her eyes were now a mix of glass and plastic, but they were able to move around and she could see almost perfectly. She raised her hands up and noticed the plastic sheen. She was horrified!

"What did you do to me?!?" She demanded, speaking in a metallic, recorded sounding voice. Her lips moved in motion to the sounds that came out of her, but she clearly wsn't speaking.

Becky looked directly at her new creation. She placed her hand on her hips and smiled.

"System check: Voice print recognition owner one. Comply," Becky said in an authoratative voice.

Without hesitation, Reggie blurted out, "Sytem check within parameters. Voice print recognition recorded and stored: Owner one. Awaiting command." Reggie took a step back, suprised in what she just said.

"What's going on?" Reggie asked, "Why did I just say that?"

"You just agreed that I'm your owner, and that you'll do anything I say."

"WHAT?!?" Reggie exclaimed in disgust. "No one owns me!!!" She pulled back her fist, getting ready to punch Becky.

"You will not raise a hand to anyone ever again. Comply." Reggie lowered her fist without thinking.

"Good girl," Becky said as if to placate a dog, "You no longer have any say in what you do anymore. You're more of a machine than anything else. Yo don't have a heartbeat, nor do you need to breathe either. You are my toy and I'll do what I please with you. If you work with me, I'll do my best to make you happy. If you fight against me, well, you'll lose.

"Now, some ground rules: first, you will no longer attempt to injure anyone ever again, with the exception of defending me. Two, you will wear what I want you to wear. Third, you'll do whatever my friend Abigail needs you to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Reggie said meekly, "Mistress."

"I don't like mistress," Becky replied. "You may call me Becky, or ma'am. Understand?"

"Yes, Becky."

"Great!" Becky gave Reggie a great big hug. "Okay. what can I call you?"

"My name's Reggie."

"You don't look like a Reggie anymore. Let's call you Keisha."

"YOU AIN'T CALLING ME KEISHA, DAMMIT! MY NAME's KEISHA, UNDERSTAND?!? KEISHA!!!" Reggie staggered backwards, placing a rubber hand to her rubber forehead.

"If I fight, I lose, right?" Keisha asked.

"Yup," Becky replied.

"You never cease to amaze me," Abigail said as she placed her arm around Becky's shoulders. "If this works, we're going to make a fortune."

"That's all and fine," Eric said, "But what about him?" He pointed to the naked aryian still suspended in the air.

"Oh, yes," Abigail said as she walked over towards him, "Would you care to talk now?"

"Blow me, cunt."

"Hey, if sex is all it takes for him to spill his guts, then by all means," Becky said. "Keisha, do you remember how good it felt to get a blowjob?"

"Yes ma'am," Keisha replied meekly.

"Good. Go over there and give your friend a good one. Suck him off the way you liked having it done. Give him a tit job as well, then swallow his load."

Both Charlie and Keisha looked up in horror. Becky and Abigail smiled at this reaction, and Eric turned away apparently in disgust. Becky usually doesn't take such assertive action like this, but she was gambling that Charlie was a homophobe, and, in both his and Keisha's eyes, Keisha was still Reggie. One definitely didn't want to perform a sex act on the other, and the other didn't want any man touching his junk.

"NO!!!" Keisha cried, "I'd rather you killed me first!!!"

"Don't let that freak near me!!!" Charlie protested.

"Look, sweetie," Abigail said over Becky's shoulder, "It's easy. Just drop to your knees and pretend you're sucking on a big popsicle. A popsicle with an exploding cream center. He gets his rocks off and then he says who gave him his information."

"After you're done," Becky added, "I'll take you home, clean you up, and show my gratitude in ways you can't imagine but will thank me for doing to you. May I remind you that you can't resist when I give you an order? Now march, young lady, and start sucking."

Keisha started bawling real tears out of her glass eyes, leaving trails down her cheeks to her chin. The tears made her latex skin sparkle in the light. She walked slowly over towards Charlie, fighting each step she was forced to take.

Charlie's face started to show panic. "Don't do this Reggie!" he begged as Keisha slowly approached. "Fight it! You're stronger than this! You're not gay!!!"

"I...I...I can't stop myself," Keisha sobbed between tears. She got in front of Charlie and slowly dropped to her knees. Her mouth hesitantly leaned forward towards Charlie's limp dick. As she moved forward, she made one last plea before she was forced to do the most disgusting thing she ever had to do. "Please, tell them!!!"

"NITA!!!! Juanita MONTANEZ!!! It was Juanita Montanez!!!" Charlie screamed as he tried to pull his hips away from the approaching set of lips.

"Keisha, stop and get up," Becky calmly said as she walked up behind her new toy. The dolly was still crying as she rose to her rubber feet, and Becky put her hands on the dolly's shoulders. She turned her around, away from Charlie, and gave her another big hug.

"You did great, baby," Becky whispered into the crying dolly's ear, "Thank you. Let's get you over to the bench so you can lie down." Becky helped Keisha over to the pew where the pink haired dolly was sitting, and helped her dolly lay down. Keisha's head was rested on the other dolly's thigh, causing it to ask in a recorded sounding voice, "Wanna fuck?"

"You just rest here," Becky cooed while giving her dolly a light kiss on its forehead. "Get some sleep. We're still going to be here for a while." And with that command, Keisha closed her eyes and went into sleep mode.

Meanwhile, Abigail and Eric were pleased that Becky's impromptu gambit paid off. Both were familiar with the assistant warehouse manager Juanita Montanez, and needless to say that they were a little stunned that she would betray the company like that. She seemed like a honest person and was a very hard worker. Seven years with the company and was never late, and only called out sick once. Never had any disciplinary issues until now. Despite the fact that this man was or wasn't a professional charmer, she signed a confidentiality agreement as part of her being hired. She was expressly forbidden to give out any company secrets, no matter how mundane they seemed to be. Her betrayal could have cost the company millions, or worse: company secrets. Abigail's disappointment was beyond measure.

"Thank you," Abigail calmly said to Charlie, who was trying desperately to regain his normal breathing. She reached out and ran her hand down his chest to his penis, which caused him to start getting erect. She took a gentle grasp of it as it grew. "Ah, it looks like you wanted that blowjob. Too bad. Now, what do we do with a tall drink of water like you?"

"If you let me go," Charlie replied, "I'll do anything and everything that you want to your body. I can guarantee I'll give you five orgasms in less than three hours. I can tell that you want me." Charlie gave Abigail the devilish grin that makes the women fall for him hard. Sadly, it wouldn't work on Abigail.

"I advise against that," Eric chimed in, "He'll disappear ten minutes after he's released. Let me take him somewhere he'll never be found."

Abigail released Charlie's dick and started running things over in her head. After a few minutes, and with Charlie trying to blow her kisses, she finally came to a decision.

"No, I have a better idea," she said as she headed over to where Becky was kneeling by her dolly, which was laying on the pew, "Becky, can you try something for me?"

"What's up?" Becky asked as she stood to face her friend. Abigail walked over and whispered something into her ear. Whatever it was, it made Becky giggle like a schoolgirl.

"That's wild!" Becky exclaimed with a wicked smile after Abigail backed away from her. "It's a challenge, but doable. I'll be right back" She walked over to the table with the last two syringes, picked up the one with the blue serum, then walked through the double doors. Abigail had a wicked smile of her own as she turned towards Eric, then towards Charlie. Eric simply had a confused look on his face, while Charlie had a mix of panic and doom on his.

"What are you gonna do to me?!?" Charlie demanded.

"You'll see, lover," Abigail calmly replied. "I'll enjoy it, and you'll learn to enjoy it over time."

"Oh, no!" Charlie exclaimed, "You're not turning me into some kind of mind controlled freak like Reggie! Kill me first!"

"Wouldn't dream of it. We will not go into production of grade five sex dollys until the beta testing is finished on your friend there, which should take six months to a year. We have to make sure the product is safe for our customer's use. I have a better idea for you."

Eric's look of confusion had vanished and was replaced with one of curiosity. Abigail usually has great ideas, and any idea that sends Becky back to her lab double time has to be a doozy. He couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. He didn't have to wait very long, because Beckly quickly returned with a syringe full of purple serum. She went so fast, she was a little short of breath.

"This should do the trick," she said as she was panting for air. She held out the syringe for Abigail, who, in turn, took it in her hand with a big smile. She then turned towards Charlie, and slowly walked towards him as if she was getting ready to take him to the gallows.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" Charlie screamed as he sensed his doom approaching from five feet away. He frantically pulled and writhed against his bonds. As strong as he is, plus the adrenaline rush caused by abstract terror, he couldn't alter the length of his bonds no matter how hard he tried. "STICK ME WITH THAT AND I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!!!"

"No you won't," Eric simply replied as he crossed his arms in an agressive posture.

Abigail confidently walked over to Charlie and jabbed the needle into his left thigh. Due to his panicking, his thigh muscle was already tense, so she had to use some force to get it all the way in, then use two hands to pump in the serum. Once emptied, she had to use even more force and extra care to remove it without breaking the needle off inside the muscle.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Charlie screamed like a little girl as the serum entered his body, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!?!?"

"Wait. You'll see," Becky calmly said as she was now sitting on the pew with her new dolly. She had lifted Keisha's head up, slid over the pink haired dolly, then sat down and rested the dolly's head on her own lap. She was stroking it's hair as she caught her breath, and, after Abigail removed the needle from Charlie, she woke the dolly up.

"Wake up, Keisha baby," Becky cooed, "You'll wanna watch this."

Keisha woke up from her sleep mode with a yawn. She sat up on the pew next to Becky and looked around the room. Chang was still lying on the floor on his back in all of his female latex glory, with the diodes blinking in random order on his forehead. Eric was standing in the middle of the floor with his arms crossed. Abigail was backing away from Charlie, who was still hanging spread eagle, but was now scraming and wiggling around like a wildman.

"What's going on?" Keisha asked.

"Watch," Becky replied, pointing at Charlie.

It didn't take long for the serum to start to take effect. With his heart racing in terror, the serum pumped through his body much faster than the other two, and the changes came at an extremely faster rate. The sweat almost immediately started pouring off of his body. His screams suddenly became a higher pitch and more feminine, while at the same time his cheek bones ran upwards on his face. His blonde hair shot out of his head to a length of eighteen inches longer in the blink of an eye. You could almost hear his hip bones creak as his hips shot out wider and his ass and thighs inflate like a balloon. His broad shoulders shrunk to the width of his now curvy hips and he quickly sprouted huge, 38DD breasts. His hands and toes became dainty, and his fingernails grew two inches in length. His waist sucked in so fast that he actually had to stop screaming so he could take a breath. His calves shrunk causing his toes to point towards the floor, making it so he would only be able to walk when he was wearing six inch heels, minimum. He started to shrink on the whole, so Eric released his leg bonds before he hurt himself. His skin started flaking off of his body, leaving the skin underneath as smooth and flawless as a supermodel with no body hair except for the pubics, eyebrows, and the hair on his head. There was one change that only halfway happened, and even that change was for the better: His testicles drew up into his body and he did form a vagina, but he still had his penis. His dick was stuck in full erection, and Becky's alteration to the serum made it now twelve inches long and two inches in diameter. Abigail had her favorite mad scientist make a hermaphrodite. Basically, she was a life-sized Barbie doll with a dick.

With the changes now complete, Charlie relaxed in his wrist cuffs, dangling like a side of beef in a butcher's shop. The speed of the transformation combined with the way he was carrying on caused him to pass out cold. Abigail walked back over to him to examine her new goods. She reached over and grabbed Charlie's breast and gave it a squeeze. This caused Charlie to moan a little, even though he was unconscious, and even caused his dick to jump. Abigail gave a little smile, then reached out to Charlie's nipple and gave it a very hard pinch and twist. This made Charlie suddenly alert as a preacher on Sunday.

"OW!" Charlie yelled as he came to, "Why the hell did you do that?" It was then that he noticed that his voice had changed. He looked down the length of his body and saw the two peaks of his breasts and his penis standing at attention between them but much lower on his body. The sight of this caused Charlie to scream again.

"Oh, God, Charlie," Keisha said as she stood up, "Oh God in heaven."

"Charlene," Abigail corrected Keisha, "Her name is Charlene."

"What did you do to me?!?" Charlene demanded. "Why is my cock so hard it feels like it's gonna burst?!? Why do I have tits?!? Why don't I feel my balls swinging around?!? CHANGE ME BACK!!!"

No one in the room said anything. They were all smiling on how the new serum turned out. It was exactly what Abigail wanted. She now had a beautiful, soft blonde woman with a very large and hard penis at her disposal. This satisfied both sides of her bisexuality. However, there was one more thing that was missing.

Abigail walked over to the table and picked up the syringe with the silver liquid in it and walked over to Charlene. She got within three feet of her when Becky spoke up from the pew which stopped her.

"Do you want me to hook up the contacts," Becky asked, "So she'll be like Keisha here?"

"No, thanks," Abigail replied, "I have everything I need right here, as long as the speaker program is in the nanites. I will need you to reprogram it after it's finished."

"Sure, whatever you want," Becky answered. She reached over and took Keisha's hand. "Come here, baby, and sit on my lap. You'll be able to watch everything fine from over here."

Keisha obediently sat down on Becky's lap and looked back in time to see Abigail inject the silver liquid into the arm of Charlene's limp body. Charlene didn't have the energy to try and resist. It wasn't that he had given up, nor did he forego the promise to kill them all once he was free, it was simply that her transformation sucked away all of her strength, save for her lung capacity. Charlene let out her final scream as a human being.

Eric lowered the limp body of Charlene to the floor as soon as her whole abdomen was turned to latex. She took a half-hearted swing at him, which he easily ducked. He then took a few steps back to watch the quick transformation. The latex spread to her vagina and it caused her to have a female's orgasm. It spread up the length of her penis, but she did not have an orgasm through it; it just stayed the same shape and length. It did point upwards at a forty-five degree angle, making her vagina more accessible and making it easier to please another woman while in the seated position. Her asshole opened wide then closed again, stretching it out for large insertions. Her legs bent at the hips at a ninety degree angle as they transformed, just like Chang's did, and her knees bent also at ninety degrees. Her thighs spread wide, inviting any lover nearby easy access to her vagina.

The latex spread up to her breasts causing them to become slightly larger. Her ariolas enlarged, and her nipples became the size of licorice nibs. She started coughing and gasping for air as her internal organs became machines that maintained her dolly body, like the Holtzman apparatus and the power plant that made the electicity to run her vibrating motors. The latex spread to her neck and face, causing her lips and mouth to form the familiar 'O' shape so she could perform oral sex. Her eyes turned to plastic, then the rest of her head followed suit. Her upper arms pulled close to her body as the latex was finishing it's trek across her body, and her elbows bent in a ninety degree angle with her hands and fingers pointing straight ahead, as if she was waiting to hug her lover. Finally, her speaker formed.

"If you have any mercy," the dolly begged with a metallic, recorded sounding voice, "You'll kill me, after jerking my dick off. My cock needs to cum so bad... Please, have mercy."

"Becky," Abigail said as she turned back to her friend, "Now I need your programming services."


It was a beautiful Monday morning when Becky decided to go into the factory to clean up her lab. Those three would-be thieves left a huge mess, especially when they triggered the knockout gas. Gray dust was lying everywhere! Last Friday night had the full gamut of emotions: rage, fear, anger, disgust, disappointment, humor, and, suprisingly, love. She had spent the rest of her weekend with her own sex dolly, of her own specifications, which she considered a rousing success. Making her dolly partially autonomous with the ability to move its body parts at will under supervision was brilliant. The dolly does show some reluctance from time to time, especially when trying something new, but it does eventually come around. Like the first time Becky licked it's pussy. The dolly was a bit squeamish, but, after it had a real orgasm from it, it couldn't wait for another. Giving the dolly a vibrating tongue was also a plus, once it got past the 'eating out a woman' stigma.

The dolly didn't have any clothes, and Becky didn't have time to do any shopping. It was two in the morning on Saturday when she came home, and she snuck the naked dolly in without any prying eyes of her neighbors. Once inside, they rarely came out of the bedroom. Now they had to go out (The dolly partially caused the mess in her lab, so it was going to help clean up), so she frantically searched her closet to dress her dolly. The only thing she could find that would fit the buxom and curvaceous African dolly was, ironically, an old French maid uniform that was left there by one of Becky's former girlfriends. It had the black fishnet stockings, six inch open toed pumps, a skirt that barely covered it's butt, and a corset that was a full cup size too small. It looked like she was carrying around two uncooked loaves of rye bread underneath her chin. The dolly initially complained, but it was explained that it was either this or walk around in daylight fully naked.

The drive to the factory took the usual thirty minutes, and Becky had to order her dolly to listen to the same music that she liked. Hip hop was okay, however she had to be in the mood for it, but Gangsta rap had no place on her radio.

They pulled into the parking lot of the factory at about 7:30 in the morning, and she noticed that both Abigail's and Eric's cars were already there. She parked next to theirs, got out of her car, and headed for the door. She turned around and saw her dolly still sitting there.

"Will you come on!" Becky said loudly to Keisha, "The lab won't clean itself!"

Keisha reluctantly climbed out of the car. It had difficulty walking in the high heels, so it had to lean on the car's hood to catch up with Becky. It staggered across the small sidewalk and reached out for the girl's arm.

"I'm doing this whole thing under protest," Keisha said once she reached Becky. "Wearing this travesty in public. Appearing as a stereotypical black maid against my will. Forcing me to clean up your lab. Making me into your personal slave. Haven't you ever heard of Abraham Lincoln? He put an end to this over 150 years ago. It was in all the papers."

"First, this is your mess," Becky answered terseley, "Your friends are in no position to help, or else they would. Second, this outfit was the only thing I had that would fit you for right now. The fact that it's a maid's uniform and you're black are both a coincidence. Third," She started as she put her arms around Keisha's neck, pulling the dolly close, "You're not a slave. You're not even alive. You're now a mechanical construct. You're a dolly that I fell in love with. I'm hoping that some day you'll say that you love me back." She reached out and gave her dolly a full, passionate kiss on the lips. A few seconds later, the dolly returned the kiss with vigor.

"Get a room, you two."

Both Becky and Keisha turned around to see Eric walking out of the factory's main doors. He was smiling, probably because of the little comment he just made. Becky helped her dolly walk towards Eric and closer to the front doors.

"Wow!" Eric exclaimed as he eyed Keisha up and down. "Dress her any hotter and you'll melt the asphalt!"

"Go fuck yourself," The dolly replied.

"Sorry, Eric," Becky apologized, "Keisha is upset that these are the only clothes I have that'll fit her. We're going to clean the lab, then go on a clothes shopping spree."

"Not a problem," Eric replied, "Still, your dolly is hot. All three you made Fiday are incredible. Your finest work yet. I do have an ethical problem with the Asian one you made."

"Besides the fact that we were all forced to be sex toys?" Keisha asked sarcastically, "Or did I hit the nail on the head?"

"Keisha, stop being snide!" Becky ordered quickly. Keisha's mouth went silent.

"That's some mouth on her," Eric continued, "You might wanna reprogram her. But not like the Asian one. I heard her talk. You programmed her to be the most racist thing I've ever heard. Only men with a deep dragon lady fetish would buy her the way she's talking now."

Becky gave eout a little laugh. "Well, it was always a fantasy of mine," she replied, "So I may have gone a little over the top, but it'll sell. My guess that if we had a bidding war, it'd sell for over $300,000 dollars, easy."

"If you say so," Eric said over his shoulder as he walked towards his car. "By the way, Abigail was here the whole weekend. She's using the bed in your lab, so, fair warning."

"Thanks. Where are you off to?"

"I've got to go make some plans," he replied as he opened his car door, "Abigail wants me to help her erase a traitor problem."

"Okay," Becky said as Eric slid behind the wheel, "I'll get the details from Abigail. The less you tell me, the better off I feel. See you later!" She waved as Eric drove off into the morning sun.

Becky helped her doll into the factory's lobby and sat her in one of the chars as she searched for her keys to open the inner door. She put the key into the lock when she felt a tug on her sleeve. She turned her head to see her dolly pointing at it's closed mouth.

"Oh, I didn't mean to stop talking! Go ahead, say what you want."

"What's he planning to do," Keisha asked, now that she was allowed to talk again, "And who is this 'traitor'?"

"I don't know what he's planning," Becky replied as she opened the door, "But the traitor is the person who gave your friend all of the information on our factory." She reached down and helped her dolly to it's feet. After a quick peek into Abigail's office to see if she was there, they then proceeded to the warehouse floor.

Knowing how difficult it is for her dolly to walk in those shoes, Becky decided to take the freight elevator. Their first stop was the third floor because Becky wanted to see if the Factory floor needed to be cleaned, or if Abigail cleaned it since she was here the whole weekend.

They opened the doors to the factory floor and it was indeed already cleaned up. Sitting on the pew to the left of the doors were two dollys waiting. The pink haired one was waiting for it's owner to pick it up, which wasn't until Wednesday, and the other was a demure long haired Asian one, which was waiting to be added to the website's inventory.

Becky leaned Keisha on the side of the pew so it wouldn't fall over, and she went over to check the Asian one's programming. She squatted down in front of it, placed her hands on it's spread knees, and said, "System diagnostics: Vocal phrase pragramming: Recite."

The Asian dolly started speaking its recorded phrases in order. "You want sucky sucky? You want fucky fucky? Me love you long time. Me give happy ending. Me need big cock. Me make you cum long time. Me no say no."

"The dude's right," Keisha said, "That is some of the most racist thing I've ever heard, and I'm standing here dressed like a black maid slave."

"Some white guys are into this kinda stuff," Becky defended herself, "They'll pay through the nose to get this dolly."

"Look, I never really liked Chang to begin with, but even he deserves better than this."

"None of this would've even happened if you hadn't broken in. Right?" With that, Keisha stopped talking and gave a very somber look.

Becky and Keisha left the factory floor and headed back over to the freight elevator. Keisha was now getting the hang of high heels, and wasn't relying as much on Becky. Still, it seemed more prudent to avoid the stairs for right now.

Getting off on the second floor, Becky and her dolly walked over to the door to the lab. She opened the retinal scan lock easily, making Chang's work last Friday seem like an exercise in futility. The door swung open, and Becky entered with Keisha to see Abigail in a bathrobe and slippers, walking away from the showers on the far right wall while drying her long light brown hair with a towel.

"Long weekend?" Becky asked sarcastically.

"Yes," Abigail replied as she wrapped the towel around her head like a turban, "Long, hard, and tiring. I don't think I want to sell Charlene."

"That good, huh?" Becky said as both she and Keisha entered the lab further. They looked over to the right, and saw the Charlene dolly lying on its back on the small bed there, legs split apart and in the air with it's erection almost resting on her belly. It's hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. In her vagina was a large penis dildo. It's pussy vibrator automatically kicks on once anything is inserted inside, causing the unpowered dildo's exposed end to undulate. Clear viscous liquid was slowly seeping out from around the large piece of intruding plastic. The dolly itself was quietly moaning in pleasure.

"Oh, you have outdone yourself yet again," Abigail congradulated her friend, "This dolly is fantastic. I screwed both her ass and pussy with a strapon and it moaned like a whore in heat, with at least five orgasms per hour. I rode her cock until I came four times myself, and it kept begging me to let it cum out of it's cock. Making it so it's penis is always on the verge of orgasm but not giving it the ability to do so was pure genius. It's cock throbs like a real blood-engorged member but it also vibrates. It's cock never soften, it's pussy is alway wet, and it'll always be ready for either a man or woman. I love it!"

Abigail walked over to the Charlene dolly and slowly pulled out the dildo. It's pussy made a sucking sound as the plastic penis made it's retreat. Once it was fully out, the dolly had another orgasm.

"Hey, if you wanna keep it, then keep it," Becky said, "There's no law saying you can't reap from the fruits of your labors. Besides, I'm keeping Keisha. Take Charlene home and have some fun. I can make more if we can get some demand for them."

"I'll take her home and think about it for a few days," Abigail replied as she wiped the dildo off on the bedsheets, "I'll decide by the end of next week. Oh, before I forget, do you still have DNA samples of all our employees?"

"Yeah, they're around here somewhere," Becky said as she took a glance around her desheveled lab, "Keisha and I are going to spend the day cleaning up the mess the thieves made last Friday. I'm guessing you want me to pull Juanita's sample?"

"Yes, and call Renee and see if she would be interested in a Hispanic mannequin," Abigail said with a sigh in her voice. "Eric and I have a plan in motion, and we most likely will make her next Monday evening."

Abigail is still disappointed that one of her most valued employees would betray her like this. She really liked Juanita, and it isn't because that she's been with the company for over seven years. Juanita was always pleasant and friendly, a warm person to talk to about almost any subject. She was the one who suggested that the company make their own shipping containers for the grade 2, 3, and 4 sex dollys to cut expenses as well as guaranteeing that the product would arrive safely at it's destination. However, her actions must not go unpunished, and simply firing her will not do. Juanita showed with the info she gave the thief that she knew too much and could no longer be trusted.

"Mistress?" the Charlene dolly begged from her prone position on the bed, "Please, may my cock cum? My cock made you cum a lot... It really hurts... It needs to cum... Please... Mistress... Make my cock cum... It hurts so much...It wants to explode... Please, Mistress... Mistress?... Mistress?..."

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