The Sex Dolly Factory

by Vleight

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Part 5: Punishment

Becky and her new automatronic sex dolly Keisha were cleaning up her lab from the incident that happened last Friday night, as well as Abigail's weekend tryst with the new hermaphrodite sex dolly. She couldn't believe that prim and proper Abigail would spend two whole days locked in a room boffing a sex toy. She had a hard time wrapping her head around the thought that Abigail even went to the bathroom on a regular basis! The boss must've really liked what she had seen, considering that the Becky's small nap bed was completely desheveled and smelled of female sex. And the sex dolly smelled like dead fish.

Becky had Keisha carry the dolly, Charlene, over to the showers at the other end of the lab and clean it up. Keisha vehemently objected at first, but, now being only a self-aware automated latex dolly that had to obey it's owner's orders, begrudgingly set about the task. Keisha picked up Charlene by it's left arm and, while holding it out at arm's length, carried it over to the showers. Becky, meanwhile set about to change the sheets. She thought that she should wait for Abigail to come back and make her do this. Really. This is Abigail's mess, and she should take some responsibility.

"Mistress?" Charlene asked as she was carried to the showers, "Can my cock cum now? It's so hard it hurts... Please, let me cum."

"Charlie, knock it off!" Keisha yelled. Before last Friday, The sex dolly Keisha used to be Reggie Jefferson, and the sex dolly Charlene used to be his best friend, Charlie Hauptmann. The two of them, and a third person, broke in last Friday night in hopes of finding a lot of money in the lab. All they were their own fates as sex toys. Reggie, now responding to Keisha, got the best deal of the three of them. It still retained it's former memories of when it was human.

"Stop talking like that, man! I'm not your mistress!" Keisha dropped Charlene onto the shower's floor with a thud. It was obviously disgusted with it's task, thinking that it had to bathe another man, particularly one with an enormous erection.

"This sucks," Keisha exclaimed as it took a step back. It turned to it's owner and asked the most poignant question of our times, "Do I use soap to clean this freak?"

"Well, duh," Becky replied, still making the bed, "And clean all of it's holes, too. There's a wash rag on the bench behind you."

With a disgusted looking frown, Keisha set to work. The only clothes it had were the sexy french maid costume it had on, and it tried hard not to get any part of it wet. It washed Charlene all over in the same manner as an eight year old would if you asked the child to clean a toilet. 

Keisha gave a little groan as it started cleaning out Charlene's lower two holes, finding some kind of lubricant in both of them. Charlene let out some sexy moans, as well as begging to be used again. Things really got strange when Keisha started cleaning Charlene's penis.

"Oh, yes, that feels soooo good," Charlene cooed as Keisha ran the wash rag up and down Charlene's penis. As it's fingers, through the rag, felt the girth and pulsing of Charlene's penis, Keisha slowed down and became fixated with the erect member. Charlene strted moaning louder, "Yesss, please make me cum!"

"See something you like?" Becky asked. She had heard Charlene's moaning and walked down behind Keisha to see what was going on. "I didn't think that you were ready for dildoes, but I have a few strapons at home we can try."

Startled, Keisha snapped back to reality. "NO! NO WAY!!! NEVER!!!" Keisha replied as it threw the wash rag at the shower's wall.

"Methinks thou doth protest too much," Becky chided with a Shakespearean quote, "C'mon, let's get finished. I have a lot of work to do today, so the sooner I get it done, the sooner we can go buy you new clothes. Dry off the dolly and take it back upstairs to the factory. I didn't lock the door, so just set it on the bench inside, then immediately come back down, and don't molest it any further. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am."


Abigail returned to the factory at 11 AM, before the regular employees arrived for their shifts. She went home to take a shower and put on clean clothes. She spent the weekend in Becky's lab having marathon sex with the shemale sex dolly she asked her friend Becky to make, and it was the best decision she ever made. The dolly turned out perfectly! Now, she had a decision to make: keep it, or sell it for a huge profit. She decided that she needed more time with the dolly before making a decision, so she intended to have Eric bring it to her home later that evening. Right now, she had to make preparations to get rid of a sudden thorn in her side.

Juanita Montanez has been working at thhe factory for over seven years, and she was a model employee. Always on time, always cheerful, and never said anything bad about anyone else. She seemed extremely loyal to the company, but she did divulge company secrets to an outsider, despite having signed a confidentially agreement. She didn't give away company manufacturing techniques or information about their exclusive clientele, but she did make it possible for three losers to attempt a robbery. This was unforgivable, and firing her would only lead to further leaks of information. Disgruntled ex-employees will gladly spill their guts for money, as well as getting revenge on their former employers. This was a drastic situation, and it called for a drastic solution.

Abigail had a plan in mind, but she needed Eric's expertise to help pull it off. Making sex dollys or mannequins out of targeted women for wealthy patrons was one thing, but making one of her own employees disappear would draw too much unwanted attention from the autorities. This had to be worked out in minute detail, making it look like she left town on her own accord. There was no room for loose ends. She 'guesstimated' that her plan would take seven days to come into fruition, but allowed two days give or take as a leeway. Her target for completion was next Monday morning.

She pulled into the parking lot and stopped in her regular parking space. Without hesitation she immediately went inside to her office. She closed the door behind her and locked it. She knew that Raul, the warehouse foreman, would be in soon for the shipping orders that came in over the weekend, so she had to work fast. She called her lawyer, Brian Vickers, to enlist his help. She knew that he would be on board, considering that she transformed his cheating wife into a sex dolly four years ago. To keep him on retainer, she waived the regular cost in making a grade 4 dolly and charged him only the cost of materials. After four rings, the phone was finally answered.

"The law offices of Schneider, Vickers, Cohn, and Miller, how may I direct your call?" the voice of a young woman asked.

"Brian Vickers, please," Abigail asked politely, "Tell him it's Abigail Gillen."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Gillen, but Mr. Vickers will be in court all day. Would you care to leave a message?"

"Yes," she replied, with a little agitation in her voice, "Please ask him to meet me at my house tonight around 8 PM, and have him bring a copy of the confidentiality agreement he drafted for me. I need to go over the specifics of it, and I may need to add a new clause or two." She hated leaving messages for people, especially answering machines and voicemails. It's one of her little pet peeves, but talking to Brian is a dire necessity right now for her plan to work.

The secretary took the message, as well as Abigail's other contact information, said a closing pleasantry, then hung up the phone. As soon as the handset hit the receiver, there was a knock at the door. It startled her, and she gave a little jump in her chair. She walked over and opened the door to see Raul standing there with a smile.

"Buenos Dias, Boss!" Raul beamed, "And how are you on this lovely day?"

"Oh, a bit frazzled, Raul," Abigail replied, "I haven't printed up the orders yet. Sorry. It was a wild weekend. I'll send them directly to your printer in the warehouse in about ten minutes or so." Raul's smile quickly went away upon hearing this.

"Did something happen?" He asked with some concern in his voice. He really liked working for Abigail, and he treats all of the employees like family. He honestly cares when something goes wrong in their lives.

"We had an attempted break in Friday night. Nothing was taken, but whomever did it left a big mess on the second floor. Dr. Evers should be finishing up the cleaning by now."

"Dios mio! Why didn't you call me? I would've been here in like two minutes! What did the police have to say? Are there any leads?"

"We didn't call the police," Abigail said as she returned to her desk and start up her computer, "Nothing was taken, and nothing expensive was damaged, so we figured calling the police would be a waste of time, and all it would accomplish would be a raise in our insurance premiums. Mr. Biggs has found how they got in and is in the process of fixing that gap, as well as updating our whole security system. You'll have to think up a new code for the alarm panel as soon as it's installed. Now, if you don't have any more questions, and I'm not trying to be rude here, but we both have a lot of work to do. It appears that we have almost 300 orders to go out today, with twelve grade twos going to one address in Alabama. Three grade 3 dollys also have to be shipped out. It's going to be a long day for both of us."

"There's also a large shipment coming in," Raul added, "I schedeuled it for 2 o'clock. I'll have six people set aside to unload it rapido so it won't interfere with the outgoing stock. Oh, and there's more 'Paula' dolls in this shipment, so we won't run out for at least another week. Those suckers are really popular!"

And with that, Raul left the office. Abigail turned back to her computer to send the pull list and shipping orders out to the printer in the warehouse. She didn't like not having everything ready in time for the employees to start work right away. It goes against her meticulous nature, as well as not being professional. Plus it makes her employees stand around and do nothing while on the clock.

She finalized the orders and sent them to the other printer in fifteen minutes or so, give or take a minute, then set back to the other task at hand: Plotting her revenge against Juanita in a way that would not lead back to her or her company. She pulled up Nita's employment record that she had on file and e-mailed it to an address that Eric had given her. She was told that the URL for the address cycled every five minutes, so a trace to or from it would be impossible as long as she cleared the 'sent' file after it went through. She was also told to not to look for a confirmation or a response. The next part of her plan had to wait until later that night, when she would meet up with Brian Vickers, so she printed up a copy of the records to take home.

The rest of the day went pretty fast for everyone else but Abigail. Raul had the warehouse running like a Swiss watch, getting all of the orders ready to ship before the truck from the shipping company arrived and, at the same time, unloaded and restocked the shelves with the new product that arrived at 1:40 PM. 

Becky had her lab cleaned in record time, and had already started on the creme to make the new mannequin. She said it would be ready Thursday morning. Abigail's plan called for it's use on Monday, so it would be in storage until then. Around 3 PM she and her dolly Keisha left the warehouse to buy it some new clothes. She promised to be back at work the next morning to continue with all of the other projects that were already lined up, and, with her new 'lab assistant,' she should be able to get things prepared faster.

The reason why the day dragged for Abigail was because of Juanita. She was furious about what she had done and was afraid for what else she might do, but she couldn't do anything about it-yet. She tried to keep an eye on her without looking suspicious. Well, having the boss sticking around one employee the whole day for no reason would seem suspicious, right?

The day finally ended and Abigail went home. Becky was probably diddling her sex dolly right about now, and Eric hopefully was working on the little task she sent him on, so this was the first night in a long time that she was home all alone. She made herself a light dinner, then waited for Brian to show up.

 Brian Vickers arrived at 7:30 PM, driving his white Porsche. He pulled into Abigail's driveway all the way up to her front door. He stepped out of his car wearing a tailor-made three piece suit, striped shirt and silk tie. He was carrying a typical lawyer's briefcase. Abigail heard him pull up, and she met him at the door before he could ring the doorbell.

"Hello, Brian," She said as she took a step to the right, "Thanks for coming. Please, come on in." Brian smiled as he walked past her and into the living room.

"Hi, Abigail," He calmly replied, "How are you? There must be something wrong to call me out here at this hour."

"There is. I have an employee who leaked information about my building to someone who tried to rob the warehouse over the weekend..."

"Do I want to know what happened to him?"

"Well, it was a 'them,' and no, you don't. I just want to know what my legal options are before I take any actions."

Brian went over to the sofa and placed his briefcase down on the coffee table. Abigail walked around to the other side of the sofa and sat down herself. Brian opened his case, rifled through some papers in a folder, then pulled out the one he was looking for. He read it dilligently, even though it was a document he composed for Abigail's hire packet.

"Did the employee divulge any information about your business practices?"


"Did the employee release any trademarked formulas?"


"Did the employee attempt to sell any materials used for production or technical data that would help your competiton reproduce any of your products?"


"Then legally all you can do is fire the employee. You can't sue them because what they did did not fall into the parameters of the confidentiality agreement. Not much I can do about that."

 "Shit," Abigail sighed. Luckily, she had a backup plan. "Look, Juanita Montanez, the employee, told her lover that there would be $750,000 in the factory's locked lab. She also told him and his accomplices how to get in, the code for the alarm system, and what kind of lock was on the lab's door. I don't want the police involved, but I do want to take care of her. What I need is for her to come to me, desperately needing help."

Brian leaned back into the sofa. "Well, there's really not much I can do."

"I think there is," Abigail replied as she got up and walked over to her own briefcase by the front door. She pulled out the employment records of Juanita and handed them to Brian. He looked over them as she took her previous seat on the sofa.

"As you can see, she's an immigrant from Brazil. She is legal, been here for almost ten years, and is applying for citizenship. Thanks to the Republican party, it's been extremely difficult for Hispanics to become United States citizens, so I was hoping that you could fudge some paperwork to make the INS label her an 'Undesirable' and schedeule her for deportation. And I need it done by this Friday."

Brian went off into deep thought. He rubbed his chin and the side of his face while contemplating what he just heard.

"That wouldn't be too hard," he finally replied, "I have some connections inside the INS, but why? She would just go back to the lawyer handling her citizenship application."

"I have someone else taking care of that," Abigail replied, "The less you know, the better off you'll be. As a thank you, I can give you a $25,000 donation to the 'Brian Vickers for Mayor' campaign war chest. I know you want to run next year."

"Deal," Brian said as he put the employment records in and closed up his briefcase then stood up, "I'll make some phone calls tonight and file some documents tomorrow. I'll call you Wednesday morning with an update. However, there is something else I do need from you. Last week, I had Maryann posed bent over at the waist with her hands stretched out on a table and legs spread. I got drunk and decided to beat her ass. I was swinging away on her, but, in my drunken state, I lost my balance and fell on her. Her left leg is loose at the hip and just stays straight out when laying flat. When I pick her up, her leg hangs limp. It won't pull back up into her natural position anymore."

"It sounds like your dolly has a dislocated leg," Abigail replied as she too got up from the sofa, "Give me a time that I can send Mr. Biggs over to pick her up. He'll bring her back to the factory and Dr. Evers can repair it. I can't guarantee how long it would take, but we will make it a top priority. Just let me know when." Both Abigail and Brian started towards the door.

"Also, can you program her with different sayings? Her current comments are getting boring." They reached the door and Abigail opened it for her lawyer.

"Sure. Write down what you want it to say and send them along with the dolly. That I know only takes about a half hour."

"You are a godsend," Brian said as he leaned over and kissed Abigail on the cheek, "Thanks so much for everything."

"No, thank you! You've been a very big help with this, Mr. Mayor! Good night!" Abigail closed the door after Brian's Porsche left the driveway. Feeling content that her plan was about to proceed, she went to bed with a slight grin on her face.


Juanita Montanez was having the worst week of her life. First, the police raided her apartment for a suspected cocaine stash on Tuesday. On Wednesday, her electricity and phone were shut off for some reason. On Thursday, she was informed that her application for citizenship was denied and that she was to be deported in thirty days. Later that night, she returned to her apartment to find the locks were changed and that an eviction notice was on her front door. The reason printed on the notice stated that there was illegal activity being conducted by the tenant, specifically the use and sale of illegal narcotics. Her landlord wouldn't even talk with her, let alone go inside the apartment to get some of her things. She tried calling her boyfriend Charlie, but he hasn't been answering his phone all week. It was all rolling over to voicemail. She decided to get a motel room for the night and try to straighten out everything in the morning, but her credit cards were all declined and her debit card had no money in her bank account. She was royally screwed.

She spent the night sleeping in her car, which she had parked in an 'Open all night' supermarket parking lot. She was awoken Friday morning by the sunlight creeping through the windshield. She went inside the supermarket's women's room to get cleaned up as best she could, under the circumstances. She also used the little money she had in her pockets to buy herself a modest breakfast, consisting of a pack of junk food cakes and a soda. She took a look at her cell phone and noticed that it was a little after 7 in the morning. She decided to drive over to her lawyer's office to see if anything could be done to straighten out her life.

Juanita's lawyer, Anna Flores, specializes in immigration law. She has helped over a hundred immigrants become citizens in her brief legal career, and had helped a lot more with their visa and passport problems. Being a daughter of immigrants herself, she did her best to help those who had an American dream but were having difficulty achieving it. She was very attractive, and has had many suitors, but has always been married to her job. Most men can't take being second fiddle to a stranger who can barely speak his language.

Juanita knew that Anna didn't get into the office until 8 AM, but she was there waiting. Although she cleaned herself up as best as she could in that public bathroom, she still looked desheveled, and Anna immediately picked up on this.

"Dios Mio! Nita, what happened?!?" Anna asked as Juanita approached her outside the office building's doors.

"Everything!" replied Juanita, "Can we please go inside? I really need some help!" Anna silently nodded her head 'yes', and ushered the woman inside the office building. They walked past the security desk, where Juanita still had to sign in, then went straight to the elevators. They got off on the third floor, and Anna helped Juanita down the corridor to her office. The door was already unlocked, and Anna's secretary, and older woman named Rosa, was waiting with a full cup of fresh coffee.

"Buenos Dias, Senora Flores," Rosa said cheerfully. Her demeanor quickly turned sullen once she got a look at Juanita.

"Gracias, Rosa," Anna replied, not stopping for the coffee but headed straight for her office with Juanita in tow, "Please, hold all my calls, and bring in some coffee for Senora Montanez. I'll check my messages later."

In the office, Juanita plopped wearily down into the nearest chair. Anna put down the briefcase she was carrying and took off her coat. Rosa quickly came in with two cups of coffee, sat them down in front of their intended drinkers, then whisked back out of the office. She shut the door behind her. That's when the full tale of woe began.

Juanita told her everything that had happened over the past three days. Anna listened with disbelief that this could have happened at all. Anna asked if she had any proof that these things could have been done in error, like cancelled checks showing the bills being paid, the search warrant from the police, or a copy of her tenant's lease. Juanita explained that her landlord won't let her back into her apartment to retrieve anything, let alone a change of clothes.

"I see," Anna finally said. "I'll call INS and find out what's going on there. All of your paperwork with them is correct and filed properly. What you have good going for you right now is that you have a stable job that you have had for more than five years. See if your employer will give you a letter of recommendation on your behalf with a brief work history with them. That would help with INS. As for your other problems, I'm really not equipped to handle those, but I do have a colleague who might be able to. Let me make some phone calls. We'll get this fixed. Keep your cell phone on and I'll call you later today. This will be my top priority. Try to relax, and don't worry. You'll be back in your apartment by nightfall."

 "Oh, gracias, Anna!" Juanita exclaimed as she stood up, "Thank you very much!"

"My pleasure. Do you have someplace to stay in the meantime?"

"I have to be at work at noon. I can walk around a mall and window shop until then."

"Do you have any money on you?" Anna asked as she reached for her wallet, "Here, take this." She reached out with two twenty dollar bills in her hand.

"Gracias, no," the proud woman replied, "I can't take your money. Besides, today's payday. Luckily, I never signed up for direct deposit. I'll have my paycheck at the end of the day."

"Okay, if you're sure," Anna put the money back into her wallet, "So, go, take it easy for a while, then go to work like normal. I'll call you as soon as I get results." Juanita gave a weak smile, then left the lawyer's office.

It was 9:30 AM when she walked back out into the sunlight. She felt a little better, or, more accurately, she felt less depressed, as she walked back to her car. She decided that instead of going to the mall, she would enjoy this beautiful day at Lakeside Park, and watch the ducks swim around until she had to go to work. She took position on a park bench that overlooked most of the park. She let her mind go blank as she watched the world slowly drift by her in such a serene setting. All of her worries melted away as she watched the children play on the swings and jungle gym. The ducks on the lake did their daily dance through life, without a care in the world. She was completely relaxed and was now strong enough to face whatever else the day might throw at her, until she noticed her cell phone was shut off.

She suddenly shifted into a mild panic mode! What if the lawyer was trying to call her? How will she get in contact with anyone? Wait...what time is it? She jumped up and stopped the closest person to her, an elderly man with a cane, feeding the pidgeons.

"Excuse me, sir," Juanita politely asked, despite going a mile a minute inside, "But my cell phone died, and I don't have a watch. Can you please tell me the time?"

The elderly man rolled up his sleeve to show an extremely old watch on his wrist. "Why, it's quarter to noon."

Mild panic was now pole vaulted over. She was now in full panic mode, and was already running towards her car as she yelled 'Thank you' over her shoulder to the elderly man. She was going to be late for work! She fumbled with getting her keys out of her pocket, fumbled with getting them into the lock, and fumbled with getting them into the ignition. Once she got the engine started, a little voice in the back of her head told her to drive carefully with no speeding. She definitely didn't need to be pulled over by the police right now!

She arrived at the factory about twenty minutes late, thanks to the lunch time traffic. She hurried through the front doors, but was immeditely met by Eric.

"Ah, so nice of you to join us," He sarcastically said.

"I know, I'm very late," Juanita replied apologetically, "I'm sorry, and it will not happen again."

"Come with me, please." Eric held the inside door open so she could go through. Once past it, he directed her to Ms. Gillen's office. Ms. Gillen was sitting behind her desk, going through some papers as Juanita entered. After Eric entered, he closed the door behind him.

"Please, sit," Ms. Gillen said as she motioned to a chair opposite from her. Juanita slowly walked over and sat down.

"I know I'm late, Ms. Gillen, and I'm sorry, but..."

"Stop," Ms. Gilled tersely said as she held up her hand in as stopping motion, "I have a report from my lawyer that you were dealing narcotics, and that your work visa has been revoked."

"I can explain!! It's all a big mistake!! I don't..." Ms. Gillen held out her hand again to stop her from talking.

"Nita, you've been here for several years with an impeccable record. I wish I had more employees like you. I feel like I can trust you with any task I give you, and it would be done quickly and correctly. I do not believe this narcotics charge levied against you, and I agree that it is a mistake. However, the work visa is a problem. This company's policy is to only hire legal workers. You are presently labelled as an 'Undesirable' by INS. Hopefully, this is a mistake as well, and that you can get it rectified in short order. Until such time, I can't allow you to work here. You're fired."

"WHAT?!?!" Juanita yelled as she slid to the edge of her seat. This can't be happening!!! "You can't do this!!! I've done nothing wrong!! Someone's doing this to me!! I was hoping you could help me with this!!" She started crying uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry," Ms. Gillen said with genuine sympathy in her voice, "But I must do what my lawyer suggests. When you get this straightened out, I'll gladly hire you back, and I'll even give you a dollar an hour raise because of the inconvenience. Please try to see it from my point of view." She got up from behind her desk, walked around to Juanita, stooped down, and hugged the weeping girl.

"I'm so sorry I have to do this," Ms. Gillen consoled the girl, "But it's something beyond my control. The lawyers rule the world now. I know everything will turn out all right." She pulled away from Juanita and looked into her eyes.

"I have your paycheck for last week, as well as your pay for this week. I hope it can hold you over for right now, until you get this taken care of. Also, I wrote my home phone number and address on the back of a business card I attached to the checks. If there's anything you need, do not hesitate to contact me."

"Can... can... can you...can you give me a... a..letter of recommendation?" Juanita sobbed, choking back her tears.

"Sorry," Ms. Gillen replied as she held the girl again, "But I can't give a letter to someone who is technically illegal. I'm so sorry."

Juanita continued to cry, even as Ms. Gillen let her go. She felt Eric's hand on her shoulder. She looked up between the tears to see him motioning towards the door. She cried harder as she stood up, and Ms. Gillen handed her two paper checks. She took them both, and Eric led her out the doors slowly, as if leading a prisoner to the gallows. Outside again, she slowly wandered over to her car, and cried for almost a half hour behind the steering wheel.

She finally summoned up the energy to go and cash her last paychecks. The bank that they were drawn on did not have a branch in the county, let alone the state, so she decided to take them to a check cashing store. She knew that she would have to pay 15% of each check's value, but she didn't want to take the chance that her bank might confiscate them if she went there. When she arrived, she put Ms. Gillen's business card in her pocket as she took out her driver's license and social security card. To her surprise, the store only charged 12% to cash them, so at least one thing was going right this week.

She left the store and, with cash in hand, went to get some drive through burgers for lunch. After eating, she headed back to her lawyer's office for hopefully more good news. Instead, she saw a few different law enforcement cars parked in front of the office building, and one had markings of the INS on it's doors. She cautiously drove past them all, trying not to draw any attention to herself. After driving for an additional mile, she felt safe enough to pull over and find a payphone. You'd be surprised how few of those things are still around! She finally found one after almost an hour of searching, and it was inside a seedy bar over by the railroad tracks. She had to buy a beer to get some change. She left the drink on the bar as she went to call her lawyer.

"Law offices of Anna Flores," Rosa said cheerfully when she picked it up, "How may I help you?"

"My name is Juanita Montanez," Juanita whispered into the reciever, "I have to talk to Senora Flores immediately!"

"Si! Si! Yes, Senora Montanez! We have been trying to get hold of you! Uno Minuto, por favor!" Juanita was put on hold briefly, and suddenly Anna Flores exploded into the phone.

"Nita! Nita! If you can hear me, don't talk," Anna said in a low whisper, "The police found out you were here earlier. Someone saw your name on the sign in sheet. Dialing your phone number says that your phone is disconnected. You can not come to my office right now. Do not tell me where you are for any reason!" Juanita stood with the phone to her ear in stunned silence. 'Why is this happening to me?,' she thought.

"I got fired today...," she said, still in a bit of a daze, "I'm undesirable..."

"The police are still here. Go find a place to hide. Contact me again in about five days or so. Hopefully we can talk then. For now, please stay out of sight!" With that, Anna hung up the phone, leaving Juanita so stunned that she couldn't even move. When she did finally move, she walked slowly over to the bar, gulped down the beer still sitting there, then walked back out into the early afternoon sun. She half staggered back to where her car was parked, only to find it gone. A pile of broken window was in it's place.


Abigail Gillen was sitting in her living room late Sunday afternoon, watching an old romantic comedy on TV. Comfortably curled up in loose sweat pants and t-shirt, drinking a glass of red wine, and munching on some cheddar crackers was all she wanted from the day. Total relaxation from all of the hard work she had put in for the week was what the doctor ordered, and she always listened to the doctor. Her bliss was interrupted by the doorbell. It wasn't an unexpected incursion on her day, but it was one she was expecting to come earlier.

She walked over to the door with a slight spring in her step. If it was who she hoped it was, it meant her plan was working perfectly. She pushed aside the curtains that hung over the window to the left of the door to see who it was. It was an unkempt Juanita Montanez, still wearing the same clothes she was had on last Friday. She looked dirty, and her clothes had a few rips in them. When Juanita saw he looking, she gave a weak and demoralized smile. Abigail let the curtain go and giggled to herself a little. She quickly composed herself, and opened the door.

"Juanita!" Abigail gasped in surprise, "What happened to you?"

"Por favor, I need help...," Juanita pleaded, "I lost my apartment, my car, my money, my citizenship, and the police are looking for me... I have no family here... all of my so-called 'friends' turned their backs on me... I didn't do anything wrong... I'm so hungry... I have no where else to go...Please help me..."

"Yes, anything," Abigail replied, "Wait here." She turned and headed back inside the house, leaving the door open. She was amazed how bad Juanita had sunk so quickly. She looked and smelled like a bum! Abigail went over and took some money out of her purse and grabbed the box of cheddar crackers. She returned to Juanita, holding out everything in her hands for the girl to take.

"I can give you this for right now," She handed over sixty dollars in cash plus the crackers, "But the police have been around here several times. They even questioned me about you. You can't stay here too long."

"Do you have anyplace I can stay until next week?" Juanita begged, "I have no place to go... any place at all..." Abigail took her time and made it look like she was in deep thought. Finally, she made it appear like she came up with an answer.

"The factory!" she blurted out, "The lab has a bed and a shower in it. No one would think of looking for you there!"

"Really? Can I stay there?"

"Yes, for a little while. Can you make it there by yourself?"

"I think so, but... can't you take me?"

"No. If the police find us together, it would be prison for the two of us. Try and get there as fast as you can, and avoid any surveillance and traffic cameras. Hide around the back in the bushes by the dock entrance. I'll let you in back there shortly after sundown. Now, go, and be careful!" 
Abigail literally spun Juanita around and gave her a light shove back down the walkway. The girl looked back at her old boss before she started walking. She took two steps then shoved some crackers into her face. After the girl was far enough away, Abigail closed the door and started to laugh. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed Becky.

"It's me... Yes, she just left... Like a charm!...Yes... Is everything ready?... Fruit punch? I thought she liked grape... Okay! Okay! I'm not trying to argue!... Tonight, so we'll be doing it tomorrow morning, if your synthetic alchohol works... Right... See you around 3 AM then... Okay...Bye."

Abigail pulled into the factory's parking lot shortly after 8 in the evening. She quickly went inside and disabled the alarms. She made sure that she had locked the front doors after she came in before heading to the receiving dock. She opened the emergency door and peeked her head outside.

"Juanita!" she loudly whispered, "Are you there?" She looked all around the area in the darkness, trying to detect movement. It didn't take long to get a response.

"Yo soy," Juanita replied before coming out from behind a bush, "I'm here." She ran to the back door and rushed past Abigail, who quickly closed and locked the door behind her.

"Thank you, Ms. Gillen," Juanita said as she caught her breath, "I don't know how to repay you."

"We'll find a way," Abigail replied, "And enough of that 'Ms. Gillen' stuff. Please call me Abigail. Now, let's go get you something to eat and drink. Dr. Evers keeps a stash up in the lab." She started walking back to the stairs, and she put her arm around Juanita to help her along. As they walked, Juanita would not stop thanking her.

"I know how much trouble you could be in for helping me, and I'll never forget it to my dying day. Not many people would take this kind of chance for another person."

"Well, I know that you are innocent of the charges against you, and I'm hoping you will clear them up quickly. I need you back at work."

"Thank you so much, Ms. Gil-er Abigail. I really appreciate that."

This continued the entire walk to the lab. She didn't stop talking until they got to the big metal lab door with the retinal lock. Abigail quickly opened it and ushered the girl inside. She followed behind her and closed the door. She locked it, and turned around to Juanita already sprawled out on the small twin bed.

 "Eat first, then sleep," Abigail said as she picked Juanita up off the bed, "Come now, the fridge is over here." She walked the girl towards the back of the lab across from the showers. There was a large industrial fridge against the back wall, and it was loaded with fruits and other snacks, as well as an ample supply of fruit punch drinks. 
Juanita immediately reached out and started manhandling a bottle of fruit punch. Once she got it opened, she drank half the bottle in a single swig. She then launched herself at an apple, followed by a banana, then a peach. In a short amount of time, she downed seven different fruits and two bottles of fruit punch. She started to stagger a little when she finished off the second bottle.

"Mio Dios, este jugo es bueno!" she exclaimed as she reached for a third bottle. She had a little trouble removing the cap, but that was understandable, considering every bottle of fruit punch in there was spiked with synthetic alchohol and nanites keyed to her DNA.

"English, please," Abigail said, trying not to sound insulting, "My Spanish is extremely limited."

"Lo siento...uh, I'm sorry," Juanita replied, "I just said that this juice is good. You should have some."

"Fruit punch does not agree with me. I'll stick with the cherry." Abigail took a bottle of cherry water and started drinking. She knew that the cherry drinks were safe, and she had to try and match Juanita drink for drink to get the desired effect. The girl had to be very drunk for what was to happen next.

So the night went on, and Juanita had about eight bottles of fruit punch and Abigail had about six cherry waters. Aside for a few staggering trips down to the women's room, everything was going according to plan. Juanita was very drunk, and, luckily, she was a happy drunk.

"Abigail! Abigail! Did I ever tell you that I think you should sell more men sex dolls?!? You know, guys with big cocks?!? Big, fat, long, donkey jealous, Tarzan swinging boners?!? They'd sell great! I'd even buy one! It'd be better than my boyfriend! The perro ain't called me in a week! Well, fuck him...his loss...," Juanita drunkenly stammered while hardly taking a breath. She was so drunk, she could barely stand. She was stretched out on the bed with her head propped up by her elbow.

"What a coincidence!" Abigail replied, "We're testing a new dolly right now! Stay right here... I'll be right back!" She went out the door, and returned a few minutes later carrying Charlene. When Juanita got a good look at the oversized Barbie doll with the huge penis, her eyes got as big as saucers.

"Oh, Dios mio!!! Oh, my God!!!" She exclaimed as she sat up, "You're going to start selling those?!? That dong is huge!!!"

"We're thinking of selling them. Would you like to try it out?"

"Oooh, I'd like to, but I don't think so..."

"Please, Mistress," The dolly said with it's typical recorded sounding voice, "Please play with my cock... Let me make you cum."

"Wow! It talks!" Juanita said as she stood up. She walked over and grabbed it's penis.

"Oooohhhh, yes... Please, fuck me..." the dolly begged.

"Go ahead," Abigail said as she directed both Juanita nad the dolly over to the bed, "You know you want to. I know you want to. You need this right now. You just said that you wanted one, and the only difference is that this is a woman instead of a man with a huge cock. Drink some more fruit punch and I'll leave the room. Just knock on the door when you're done."

Abigail left the room to give Juanita some privacy. In about five minutes, she was hearing moans from both the girl and the dolly. An hour after that, things went quiet and there was a knock at the lab door. Abigail went back in to see Juanita wearing nothing but her panties and an unbuttoned blouse, sitting on the edge of a stool, drinking another fresh bottle of fruit punch.

"You were right," she said in an extremely drunken voice, "I did need that. Charlie can go fuck himself. I want one of these. Did you know that if you put your tit in its mouth, it'll start sucking?"

"Charlene," The dolly retorted.

"Yes, it was designed to do that," Abigail replied as she went over to silence the doll with a wadded up piece of clothing, "This particular model will sell for $250,000 dollars once passes the safety tests." She picked up the remaining clothes and handed them back to Juanita. That's when the time for the chemical shower came to mind.

"Phwew!" Abigail remarked when she got close to Juanita, "I think it's time for you to take a shower! You smell like a wharf at low tide during an oil spill!" She again took the girl by the arm and led her down to the showers. The bottle of mannequin creme was already sitting on a small plastic table in where the showers were.

"I do smell a bit funky," Juanita stammered, "But I don't have anything else to wear."

"There's a bathrobe and slippers here you can wear until we get you clean clothes," She replied, trying to get her inside the shower before Becky and Renee arrive, "There's also a bathing cap so your hair doesn't get wet. We also have this wax that makes your eyebrows look fantastic." She quickly spread the wax on her eyebrows before she could complain.

"I never had this done before," Juanita said as Abigail appied the wax, "If I had known, I wouldn't have shaved my bush Friday morning!"

With some difficulty, Abigail finally got the drunken Juanita into the shower with all of the precautions in place. She used rubber gloves to apply the creme to every part of the girl's body, despite the staggering and tilting common with drunken people. Once it was fully applied, and the proper amount of time for it to take effect went by, the water was turned on to rinse it all off. 
Abigail then helped towel the drunk girl off to reveal the plastic sheen of her skin. The next part was tricky. The transformation into a mannequin had begun, and it would cause her drunkeness to clear up very fast. She had to work faster. She slipped on the bathrobe and slippers, then led her to the door to the lab.

"Hey, you want to see something cool?" Abigail asked.

"Sure, Abby, always!." Juanita replied. Being called 'Abby' caused Abigail to cringe. She hated being called that with a passion, but she was on a tight schedeule here. Her anger can be addressed later.

"I'll show you where we make the mannequins."

"Cool, with a capital 'C'!"

Abigail led Juanita out of the lab. They turned immediately to the right, and staggered the short distance to the mannequin room. The door was unlocked, and they had some difficulty getting in. It was hard to open a door while still holding up a drunk. Luckily, this is when both Becky and Renee arrived.

"Dr. Evers! So glad to see you!" Juanita blurted out when she saw them, "Who's your friend? Hi! I'm Nita! That Charlene dolly is incredible!"

"I take it that this is her?" Renee asked as she helped hold Juanita up by her left arm.

"Yep, that's her," Becky replied as she took Juanita's right arm, "What do you think?"

"Let's finish, and then I'll decide."

They finally made it inside the mannequin room. As of right now, there were only five mannequins left in storage. All of the others have been sold to lakeside resorts that sold bikinis and other swimwear, so they had to rebuild their backstock soon. But that is for another day. Right now, they had to finish making the one they started on.

The three women dragged the staggering girl over to the metal support rods. Becky had set them last Friday morning in accordance with the height listed in Juanita's employment file. They decided to make her a jointed mannequin, so the supports were placed accordingly. As they headed over to them, Juanita looked around the room at the remaining nude mannequins.

"Wow, they're so lifelike...," She commented as she was whisked past them.

"Would you like to pretend to be one?" Abigail asked as they reached the supports, "It'll be fun."

"I dunno...," Juanita replied, "Can I play with Charlene again?"

"Sure, but later. First, I need you to take off your slippers and stand on these slanted blocks. Also, take off your bathrobe and place your elbows in these brackets with your neck against this brace."

"My bathrobe...?" Juanita was starting to sober up.

"Yes, you have to be naked to play mannequin. If you don't then you will not get to play with Charlene again. Besides, it's just us girls here. You don't have anything we don't have ourselves." In reality, the terrycloth in the barthrobe will make cloth pattern marks in the mannequin's plastic skin as it forms, thus ruining the mannequin.

After some thought, Juanita slowly removed her bathrobe. There was something about Charlene that she was attracted to, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She gave the robe to Abigail, who in turn gave it to Becky. As she handed it over to her, she leaned over and whispered something into her ear. Becky smiled, then left the room.

Abigail and Renee proceeded in placing Juanita into the braces. It was difficult trying to keep the girl's head up as she was drunk, but the nanites started working overtime making her jounts stiffen. Finally, her head stayed inside the neck brace. As it did, Juanita became more sober by the minute.

"Abby? Abby...I can't move," Juanita said through a closed mouth, "What's happening to me?"

 "We decided instead of letting you play mannequin, we chose to make you one instead," Abigail replied, "Your whole body is being turned into thick hollow plastic. Once it finishes, we're going to cut you into pieces and glue joints into you so you can be posed."

"Wh-wh-what?!? Why?" Juanita asked, "Why do this to me?"

"Because you betrayed me. You told your boyfriend Charlie all about my building and it's alarm system. He and two of his friends tried to rob us Friday of two weeks ago, and he said that you were his source of information. He said that you gave him the alarm code, directions on how to get in, described the retinal lock on the lab door, even that there would be over $750,000 dollars in cash here. He mentioned you by name. You even said your bofriend's name was Charlie, and you haven't heard from him in over a week, right?"

"C-C-Ch-Char-lee?" Juanita sruggled to say out loud. As she said that, Becky returned pushing her computer cart. Behind her followed Keisha, and it was carrying Charlene.

Keisha was no longer wearing the French maid costume, but was instead in red skin tight hot pants, a pink tube top, high heeled sneakers and pink socks. This was the first time Abigail saw the dolly dressed like this, and it made her laugh. This was the first time Renee had seen a moving dolly, and was fascinated. Keisha immediately had a comment for the laughter.

"Don't blame me for this," Keisha said as it put the Charlene dolly on the floor, "I didn't want to dress like a 1970's Manhattan hooker."

"Oh, you look great!" Becky replied as she pushed the cart in front of Juanita.

"I look like I should be trolling the men's room at 'Studio 54'."

"Renee," Abigail asked between giggles, "Is this acceptable the way it is, or do you prefer changes?" Renee was still entranced by the walking, talking dolly, but the question snapped her out of it.

"Give her two cup sizes bigger and soft, and make her have a bright and welcoming smile," Renee replied, "Then let's see what we have." She then returned her attention to Keisha.

"Two cups and a smile, Got it," Becky said as she prepared the diodes, "That reminds me of a soft drink commercial." As she reached up to attach the electrodes to the new mannequin's head, Abigail continued her gloating.

"I want you to know," she continued, "That it was I who ruined your life. I sicced INS on you. I had some friends who got you evicted and took away everything you owned. I made it so you would come to me in secret, so it would make it so easy for you to disappear, and no one would even notice or care. As for your boyfriend, Charlie? Well, he's been here, with me, for the past week. In fact, you just fucked him over an hour ago."  She moved to one side then pointed at Charlene, lying there silent on the floor.

Juanita was now so stiff from the mannequin formula that she couldn't make any expression. She couldn't even voice an opinion because she was no longer breathing. Her mind, however, was still going a mile a minute.

'Oh, my God! Charlie!' she thought, 'How could you do this to me?!? I loved you!! I would have done anything for you!! This is all your fault!!' If she could still cry, she would be leaking buckets by now.

Becky started typing on her computer and the diodes on Juanita's forehead strted blinking. Slowly, she felt a burning in her breasts. If she could look down still, she would have seen her tits almost double in size. She then strted to feel som tingling around her mouth, and felt her cheeks beeing pulled back into a cute smile that showed some teeth. 

"How's that?" Becky asked, looking around for Renee. Renee, however, was still studying Keisha with her eyes. "Renee? How does this look?"

"What? Oh, yes," Renee said with a startled voice, "That looks excellent. I'll give you four thousand for it. Five thousand if you tell me about this dolly." She walked over and caressed Keisha's cheek.

"Easy, sister," Keisha repled while backing away from Renee, "I'm a one-psychopath dolly."

"Keisha, be civil," Becky replied, "Renee is one of my dearest friends."

"Keisha is Becky's crowning achievement," Abigail replied, "A fully automatic sex dolly that is programmed to answer to it's owner only. It will do absolutely anything the owner wants, and we do mean anything. It can be programmed literally any way the owner desires. The only limit is the preson's imagination. Becky chose to leave this one a little independent, but completely obedient. It is her own personal dolly.

"Another great feature of this particular dolly is that it was one of the peole who broke in. She used to be a he. The same thing with Charlene there. I asked Becky to make him a beautiful hermaphrodite, and it turned out excellent. Becky cracked the gender code in DNA. We can now turn males into females at will. We can now fill your quota for African mannequins by the end of the year."

"This used to be a man?" Renee parroted as she touched Keisha's latex arm, "This is incredible! Becky, you're a genius! I can easily find you black men to change into women mannequins for me! When do you want to start? I'll pay you six thousand a head!"

"We can talk about that later," Abigail answered, "But, for now, let's get this one finished. How much longer before we can put the joints in this one?"

Becky looked at her watch. "At least forty minutes," she replied.

"Good," Abigail replied as she started unbuttoning her blouse, "It gives me enough time to get off a quick one. Can you three give me a little privacy? I want to fuck Juanita's boyfriend in front of her. Just adding insult to injury. Come back in an hour or so, and bring the saw. I want to cut up this traitor personally."

'God in heaven, please have mercy on my soul! Kill me, and take away my pain! Please! GOD!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!'

to be continued....

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