The Special Gift

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f; dollsuit; silicone; dollified; objectified; stuck; used; mind-alter; mind-control; program; owned; hide; crate; straps; truck; transport; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

Woman to Sexdoll

Part 3 .

story continued from part two

Janice continued to lay in the darkness, inside the cupboard, now stored away with the rest of the household items and other junk, just another object stored away to keep the house tidy. Indeed some of the other items were placed on top of her, making her blend in with the other contents of the cupboard, which for now it seemed to be her new home. Her husband/owner was out playing golf with his friends, all thoughts about the doll now gone from his mind.

Janice’s mind had gone blank when she felt herself being stored away, after all that is what owners do with their dollies after they finish using them, she had thought at the time, before her mind dulled and went into its sleep-like state. But deeper in her mind, in her subconsciousness her thoughts were of her being the best dolly she could be for her owner, she wanted to please him and give him pleasure, so that he would play with her some more, she thought. The thoughts kept repeating over and over, that all good dollies must please their owner, and that was what they’re made for.

Unknown to both Janice and Maggie at the time of fitting the suit to Janice’s body, that this was a new experimental version of the Really Real-Sex doll™ suit, one that included a mind control device that re-programmed the mind of the wearer to become more doll-like in both mind and body, for the ultimate experience was what the suit’s designer had said at the time, when he revealed if to his boss, Grahame, the owner of the doll factory. “Once inside the suit, the wearer will become completely like a sex doll, her mind will crave and desire nothing more than to please her owner.”

Grahame had sat and listened to his minion, as he liked to call the designer, he looked like one with thick rimmed glasses that made his eyes look bigger than they were,  as he described in detail the way the suit would work, how the changes would affect the wearer and wondered in what way he could make more money off of this new suit. His thoughts about money rolling in were interrupted by the suit’s designer. “But there may be a problem once the mind of the wearer has been reprogrammed.” He said, at the finish of his presentation.

“And what would that be?” Grahame asked, the thoughts of potential lawsuits now foreshadowing his profit margin, the vision of him rolling naked in a mound of bank notes now dissipated.

“I’m not sure if we can change the wearer back, I haven’t tested it on a real life subject yet, just simulations run on the computer, but it should work…” the designer said, hopefully.

“And if they don’t change back?” Grahame asked.

The designer said, “I’m not sure what we could do with them. Their minds would be changed, and they would only think of themselves as dolls.”

“Well, I could always make a new line of dolls, one’s with real live people inside the doll.” He laughed, “I’m sure I can find a market for them overseas.”

“What about the dollies, I mean the women?” he asked, “Surely they don’t want to remain dolls the rest of their lives?”

“But they do, that’s why we sell the doll suits in the first place, the women who wear them desire to become a doll, how else do you think we sell them.” Grahame replied. “They’re popular among a certain type of submissive women I assume, otherwise why would they submit themselves to being used this way?”

“That appears to be true, I guess.” The designer said, knowing never to argue with whatever the boss says.

“Of course I’m right, now go and make me one of those suits so we can try it out on one of our lucky customers.”

Back at Janice’s home.

Later in the evening, Janice’s owner/husband returned from playing golf, he’d had a great day and had been celebrating winning at golf and also his birthday. He returned home to find the place feeling empty and deserted, his wife was still away and he was on his own. Then he remembered the new gift from his wife, the doll. “Where did I leave that doll?” he said to himself, a smile now forming on his lips, happy again.

Then he remembered the cupboard, and that he’d stashed the doll out of sight before heading out for the day. Opening the cupboard door he looked inside and at first he couldn’t see the doll still sitting there in the position that he’d placed it. The doll was covered by some of the other things, just junk stored away, out of sight until it was wanted again. ‘Just like a sex doll’, he thought, ‘used and stored away.’

Removing some of the items covering the doll he managed to retrieve the doll from the cupboard, now holding it in his arms he felt the weight of it. ‘Wow, it sure feels the same weight as Janice.’ He thought, ‘she must have gone to great lengths to have this doll made for me.’ He carried the doll out into the lounge room and sat it down on the sofa; the doll just stayed where he put it and did not move.

Janice had heard the cupboard door open and then felt her owner pick her up from where he had stored her earlier in the day. Her mind more doll than woman, thought that her owner had returned and she was really pleased that he was carrying her somewhere, that must mean that her owner  was going to play with her some more. ‘Dollies like to be played with, that’s what I was made for.’ She thought to herself. ‘To please my owner.’

She felt herself being sat on the sofa, though she couldn’t recall the name of the furniture that she was now propped on to, she thought that she didn’t need to concern her dolly mind with trivial things like other objects, her sole purpose was to please her owner. She tried to open her legs, she wanted to get her owner to play some more with her in one of her pleasure holes, but she was unable to move any part of her. ‘Silly’ she thought, ‘Dollies cannot move themselves, I wonder where that idea came from? Dollies don’t move unless their owner moves them.’

Still unaware that Janice was inside the suit, the doll in front of him containing the body and diminishing mind of his beautiful and loving wife, all he was concerned with was using the doll again for his own pleasure and wondering if he could have a three-some with his wife and the doll when she got back.

The thought of which made him hard, and soon dolly had her wish as her owner promptly dropped his pants and laid down on top of the doll, wasting no time with un-necessary foreplay, he was soon probing the entrance to her front pleasure hole as dolly began to think of it. His erect member soon found the outer folds of her sex and plunged in to find the treasure hidden inside. He rode the doll for as long as he could, before releasing his cum inside it as his climax overcame him, it wasn’t long.

Janice felt her owner/husband press himself up against her sex and force himself inside, the act had an immediate effect on her mind, from being lost into the fog of being the best dolly she could be for her owner, Janice now had a sudden realization that she was still inside the doll suit and was about to be used by her husband for his own pleasure. Her thoughts drifted between wanting to remain a doll for her owner, to getting out of the suit and finding her own pleasure, which she had been denied whilst being used by her husband and his friend last night and again today by him. But she was still unable to move herself and she remained stuck inside the doll suit and had to continue to lay there as her husband/owner used her.

Once he had finished and had come down from his sexual high, his mind began to cloud over, as it does with all men after sex, he began to feel sleepy, a long day out in the sun on the golf course and several beers had begun to take their toll on him. Climbing up off the doll and withdrawing his now smaller penis, he made his way to the stairs, sleep was the only thing on his mind and soon he was safely in bed and having wonderful dreams about him, his wife and the doll in bed together.

Janice, now he had finished playing with her, began to drift back into her dolly thoughts, she had pleased her owner she had thought, he had played with her again and that made her happy. The previous conflicting thoughts about her being a real woman now relegated to a doll’s silly dream, there was no way that she was ever a real woman, she was just a doll that was the way she was made, she even had memories of her time in the factory, hanging there with all of the other dolls as she was being prepared for her new owner.

The Next Day

Janice was awoken from her dolly thought by the sound of movement nearby, she opened her eyes, not that anyone looking into them could see them as the special lenses still covered her own human eyes with the doll’s eyes that her owner could see. Well, opened her eyes would not describe it, her eyes remained open, the lenses and the fact that she could not move kept her eyes open, it was more a sense of wakefulness in her, her dolly mind becoming active now that her owner was hopefully nearby and wanting to play.

Her husband/owner, still groggy from sleep had stumbled into the lounge room and tripped over the coffee table leg, as he passed the doll as it lay on the sofa, from where he left it the night before. He continued on his rambled, stumbling walk towards the kitchen, his first thoughts of the day always lay with getting his first drink of coffee. Other than looking at the doll as he passed by, he thought nothing of seeing it laying there, to him she was just something to give him pleasure and then discard when finished with.

That thought would have been music to Janice’s ears; she loved the fact that she was nothing more than an object, a plaything. She was now after all just her owner’s dolly, she would be the best dolly she could be for him, and she would give him pleasure and hope that he would continue to play with her forever. The telephone ringing sounded strange to Janice’s dolly mind and it displeased her, as it seemed to interrupt her pleasurable thoughts and memories of being used by her owner.

Meanwhile, her husband now about to enjoy his first coffee hit of the day, was interrupted himself by the same telephone ringing. ‘Damn, who’s ringing this time of the day?’ he thought.

Reaching for the phone, he picked it up. “Hello” he said.

“Hello Dear, Happy Birthday!” his Mother shouted down the phone at him.

“Hi, Mum.” He said, holding the phone away from his ear, his ear ringing from the volume.

“How’s my Birthday boy then?” she asked. “I hope that you’re having a good day and that lady wife of yours is spoiling you, as she should be.”

“She’s not here Mum, she’s away at the moment.” He said.

“Oh, that’s not good.” She said, and then quickly continued, “Lucky for you we’re on our way, so you won’t be lonely on your birthday, your dad says we should be there in about a twenty minutes, pop the kettle on and we’ll see you soon.”

Before he could reply his mother had hung up, she was always impulsive and would drop by their house without any notice. Once before she’d turned up just as he had tied Janice naked to their bed, it was one of the times when she’d allowed him to, which he enjoyed, though admittedly Janice had loved it too. And the doorbell rang just as he was about to invade her anal treasure, Janice was gagged and trussed up, he was naked, hard and had lubed up himself and his wife’s rear hole, when his Mother had arrived for one of her unannounced visits.

His thoughts turned from that memory to the scene that laid before him, the house was still messy from the other nights drinking session and the doll was laying there exposing her ‘wares’ to the entire world, it’s pussy glistening with the combination of the lubrication and his recent use of her. He immediately thought of putting the doll away back in the cupboard, but then he remembered that his Mother had a habit of being ‘inquisitive’ or just plain nosy, as his wife Janice had stated on many occasions, she complained it was like she was checking up on her to make sure that she was looking after her son.

“Best not put you back in the cupboard then doll.” He said, looking at the doll laying there, maybe expecting a brilliant answer from the doll.

Janice, lost in the fog of her doll mind, came back to some form of reality, briefly when she heard her owner/husband taking directly to her. ‘Dolly doesn’t mind what you do to her, as long as my owner keeps playing with me.’ Her thoughts started out, but were soon conflicting. ‘No, no. I’m not a real dolly… I’m your w… I’m your… I’m your dolly, please use me.’

Just then he remembered the crate the doll was delivered in, he stored it in the garage after he’s removed the doll from it. “That’s where I’ll put you.” He said, again to the doll.

‘Oh, dolly likes to be stored in her box.’ The doll thought. ‘No, don’t put me away…’ screamed Janice in her mind, but the doll in her won out. ‘Dolly in a box, dolly in a box…’ she began in an annoying sing-song like way in her head.

Picking up the doll, he headed out to the garage, the light blinding the doll after so long inside. The garage was connected to the house but in his caffeine depleted mind he wasn’t thinking straight. Luckily none of his neighbours were outside at the moment and he made it inside without any incident. There over to one side was the delivery crate, he carried his doll over and placed her standing against the wall, half propped up by one hand, whilst his other removed the lid of the crate.

Once opened, he lifted the doll up over the lip of the crate, and lowered her rigid body down inside the crate. Just as had finished lowering the doll into the crate, he heard a voice behind him.

“Hiding the evidence then? Done away with the Mrs?” followed by laughter.

“Stevie, what are you doing here?” he asked his friend.

“I was coming to pick up that fishing rod you promised me.” Stevie said.

“Oh, sure, it’s hanging over there.” He said, pointing to a couple of rods.

“What are you doing with the doll?” Stevie asked, remembering the other night.

“My Mother’s on her way and I don’t want her finding this.” He said pointing down at the doll.

The doll shuddered slightly, she liked the fact that she had been described as an object, she was no longer a person, she was a ‘this’, a thing to use and store away.

“Oh, right yeah.” Stevie laughed, “I don’t know what you’d say to your mum about the doll.”

“Yeah, hey mum, Janice bought me this doll for my birthday…” he said, “I’m sure she’d have a million questions about my marriage, that Janice was the wrong girl and that nice Suzy Watkins was always the one that my mother wanted me to marry.”

“Yeah, well maybe not the best idea to store the doll in the crate.” Stevie said. “I know what your Mother is like when she comes over, always prying into things. I’ve been here remember when she turned up. She even walked on me in the bathroom! Talk about embarrassing.”

‘She nearly caught me sniffing Janice’s used undies I got out of the laundry basket.’ Stevie thought to himself, he still had the pair he had to quickly hide.

“You’re right, but what do I do then?” her husband/owner asked his friend. “I don’t have anywhere else to hide the evidence or the body.”

“I can help, if you like, I have my truck here, and we could carry the crate out to it and fit in in the tray bed.” Stevie offered. “Best place to hide anything like that, away from prying eyes.”

“I don’t have the time or any other options right now, do I?” her husband said.

“Not really, unless you bury the body in the backyard!” Stevie laughed.

“No, that’ll take too long and I’m sure she’d dig it up. Best go with your plan.” Hubby said in reply.

“You get the lid on the crate, I’ll get the screws and driver and once we’ve secured the doll in her crate, we’ll put her out of sight of your mother before she gets here.” Stevie said.

So Janice’s owner/husband placed the lid down on top of the crate, the doll was safely strapped down inside and Stevie brought the driver and fastened the lid down. They then both picked up the crate and carried it out to Stevie’s F-150, they placed the crate inside the rear tray bed and Stevie made sure that the load would not move by strapping down the crate. Then finished off with the rear cover, the crate was now out of sight and stored away.

Inside Janice could feel the movement of the crate, she had loved it when her owner had placed her down inside her crate, and then strapped her down. ‘Maybe he’s sending me back to the factory, hopefully for some upgrades to please my owner.’ Dolly felt delightful tingles all over her body at the thought of that. But then a conflicting thought entered her mind, ‘But maybe he’s sending me back as he no longer wants me.’ And dolly felt sadness at that thought, but then bucked up when she thought of meeting all of her dolly friends back at the factory, and maybe a new owner.

Pleased either way, the doll inside Janice was happy, here she was a doll, inside a box, and that incessant sing-song voice began repeating the words, ‘dolly-in-a-box…’

She felt the two men pick up her crate and carry her, after the annoying loud noises of the lid being fastened down. Then other strange noise, which she could not make out in her limited doll mind, she had no memories of having straps holding her crate down and the rasping sound of the crate being moved around in the tray bed of the truck.

But dolly was content inside, she felt safe inside her crate, this was her home for now and she would either find herself back with friends in the factory or with a new owner. And the delightful tingles spread out over her body again; a delicious feeling inside her lower belly and thoughts of being used as a good dolly should be, flashed through her mind. Her mind again began to shut down into dolly-mode; she would only awaken again when her owner wanted her again.

Once the load was secured in the truck, Stevie said his goodbyes and left his friend with the parting words, “And good luck with your Mother’s visit!” Laughing as he drove off.

Now with the doll safely out of the way, Janice’s husband concentrated on getting the house in order before the ‘royal visit’ as his wife used to call it when his mother turned up.


Stevie was really happy, not only did he manage to help out his best friend, but he had gotten hold of the doll that they had both used the other night. Now he could have some alone time with the doll before he would have to return it. He now had other plans than going just fishing; he had even forgotten to pick up the rod that he was supposed to pick up for his fishing trip. He was headed off to his cabin, which was roughly 6 hours’ drive from home; he was going to spend the next week or so up there in the wilderness, no phone to pester him and no outside contact, a peaceful time in the woods for him and the doll.

‘Funny how closely she resembles Janice.’ He thought, ‘she must have had the factory make a special doll for her.’ Not realizing that the doll was in fact Janice herself.

story continues in part four

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