The Special Gift

by Gromet

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Woman to Sexdoll

Part 4 .

story continued from part three

Janice had felt all of the movement as the two men had carried her crate out to Stevie’s vehicle, and then everything went quite for a short while. Dolly was pleased to be inside of her box, that’s where dollies belong she thought to herself. She felt the movement of the vehicle as it drove away, though in her dolly mind she had no reference to fall back on to describe what she was experiencing.

Her mind then went into her dolly-state, her mind cleared of all thoughts, and she was just an object inside a box now waiting to be played with again. The doll suit continued with the reprogramming of Janice’s mind into more of a doll-like sex toy, something to be used and played with, that she would only find joy and pleasure in keeping her owner happy. It was her purpose, her sole reason for her existence, nothing else mattered.

Back at her former home, her husband was frantically cleaning for his Mother’s visit and was dreading the questioning that he would be facing, knowing that his Mother would have no end of questions as to where his wife was, what was she doing and why Janice wasn’t here for her son’s special day. He hoped that the day would end quickly.

Meanwhile, Stevie had driven out to his cabin in the woods; he always looked forward to getting out into the wilderness and doing whatever he wanted to, without neighbors and other people telling him what to do. He was especially excited now, because he had the doll from his best friend to keep him company and he would be putting the doll to good use this week.

Janice felt the movement stop, the bumping road that led up to the cabin had suddenly awoken her from her doll-like state, her now clearer mind was wondering what was happening to her. She found that she couldn’t move her body, several straps where holding her down, in what appeared to her, the inside of a wooden crate. ‘How did I get here?’ She thought. ‘Why am I inside this thing?’

But once that she was fully aware and awake, the doll side of her mind began to exert its presence over her own mind. ‘Dollies belong in a box.’ She heard in her mind, ‘All good dollies come in a box, we’re delivered to our owners that way.’

‘But I’m a woman…’ Janice thought, ‘I’m not a doll…’

‘Of course you are a doll, silly thing; why else would you be inside a box?’ Her dolly-self thought in reply.

‘If I’m in a box, then I must be a doll.’ Janice thought to herself, ‘I’m confused, was I really a woman?’

‘No, you were made a dolly in the factory, don’t you remember your time in the doll factory as you were made?’ her dolly-self thought.

‘Yes, I remember the factory.’ Janice had visions inside her mind of her time in the factory, she remembered hanging there after leaving the spray booth, and then being processed down the production line, along with her sister dolls.

‘There, see, you remember now dolly, you were made to please your new owner.’ Her dolly-mind continued, ‘that’s what dollies are made for.’

‘But, I can still recall thoughts of being a real woman.’ Janice thought.

‘No silly, real women don’t have barcodes printed on them!’ her dolly mind answered, ‘you remember them putting on you?’

‘Yes, I guess you’re right, how silly of me…’ Janice responded.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the movement of the crate from the truck tray bed, she felt herself being moved at a funny angle. And then several bumps before things calmed down and she was lying down again.

Stevie had arrived at his cabin; he couldn’t wait to have some fun with the doll. He then thought that he wouldn’t be able to carry the crate on his own, and came up with the solution of using a trolley to move the crate from the truck to the cabin. Moving the crate on to the trolley, he leant it back at an angle and then wheeled the trolley into his cabin.

Happy now that he was inside, he wasted no time in getting the lid off of the crate, there still laying as she’d been left was the sex doll, now his exclusively for the week. Not that he’d told his friend that he would be keeping the doll for the entire week, he doubted that Janice’s husband would have allowed him to keep the doll for that long.

Janice eyes looked up at the face before her, this was the dollies other owner she thought in her dolly-like mind. But inside her head Janice was thinking, ‘Why has Stevie got the doll? And where is my husband?’ The doll inside her was just delighted that one of her owners, as she thought of them, was about to play with her again and was happy inside.

Stevie took off the straps that were holding the doll inside the crate; he didn’t want to waste much time in getting to use the doll. He then picked up the doll and carried her towards his bedroom, placing the inanimate doll down on his bed, he looked over the naked body presented to him, as the doll just lay there waiting for her owner.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and soon joined the doll on the bed; his rough workers hands began exploring the soft, silicone skin of the doll. The soft, rounded breasts felt lovely to his touch, he couldn’t resist giving them a hard squeeze. The nipples on the doll were hard and erect, his fingers ran over them and soon he placed his mouth over them and began to suckle on them. 

Janice lay there after being carried to Stevie’s bed, her mind awash with conflicting thoughts, one was of her dolly mind being delighted at the prospect of her owner playing with her, the other was her own mind being repulsed being used by Stevie. Though she had already been used by him, that was in her own home and mostly contained to her doll-like mind, now she seemed to have regained more of her own thoughts, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to allow him to use her this way.

Whilst her mind was in conflict, none of this showed itself to Stevie, he was blissfully happy that he had the doll now, and was enjoying sucking her breasts and playing with the dolls pussy. He imagined that this doll was Janice, he’d always had fantasies about having sex with Janice from the moment he first saw her in college, but she went off and married his best friend, so he could only dream of her at night as he masturbated in his own bed, whilst lately sniffing her old dirty clothing that he had managed to steal when nobody was watching.

Janice was again losing herself to her dolly mind, her conflict thoughts, now began to recede along with the rise in her own pleasure, the touching of his hands playing with the soft folds of her doll sex and the sucking of her breasts, all sent wonderful feeling through her own body. With her body betraying her it seem to her, her dolly mind had more opportunity to increase its control over her and she let herself drift off into the pleasure that awaited her.

Stevie played with the doll for many hours, taking his time and savoring all of the delights of the doll’s body, he even went down on the doll, even though he knew in his own mind that the doll would not respond as a real woman would have to his ministrations. In his own lost fantasy this was Janice, not the doll laying here and he wanted her to enjoy herself, even though he knew that she would never in a million years allow him to do this in real life.

But, he was doing just this to his fantasy creature; still unknown to him, that inside the doll suit was the object of his sexual desires, her body now awash with sex hormones from the time taken by Stevie to arouse her own sexual being. On the outside she laid there still, she was just a doll, unmoving and not seeming to respond to his touches, but on the inside her mind was lost in the sea of sexual bliss, she was ready for whoever wanted to use her at this moment. Both her and her dolly mind were for once in sync, they both wanted to be played with.

Stevie didn’t disappoint the doll much longer; as he soon climbed on top of the doll and pressed his hard member inside the dolls vagina, the soft outer folds giving way to allow him to enter the welcoming depths within the doll. He pumped himself in and out of the doll for a long while, his eyes never leaving the face of the doll, he still envisioned his fantasy woman lying there with him, Janice, her eyes sparkling up at him as he had glorious sex with her.

Janice couldn’t close her eyes, and could only see the face of Stevie as he used her for his pleasure, his face close to hers, she could feel his breath as he exerted himself. His penis felt wonderful between her legs, she felt delighted as he pistoned himself in and out of her tight hole, her dolly mind joining hers as she orgasmed for the first time as a doll, lost in her own world as the climax ran through her body, tightening her grip on his penis as he continued to pound away, lost in his own fantasy.

They both blissfully fell into a deep slumber later that night, after Stevie had used her twice for his own pleasure and unknown to him given Janice not only her first dolly orgasm, but also her second and then her third. She felt worn out and let her mind be taken over again by her dolly-self, now they were both happy that they had been played with by their owner, and Janice could see why being a doll was such a wonderful thing.

The Next Day

The factory sent their delivery guys to swap the dolls over as arranged, they had expected to find Janice, still in her suit, well it was glued onto her to her so she couldn’t get out of it herself. But after looking through the house they couldn’t find a trace of Janice in her doll suit, nor the crate that she was delivered with. The two guys were on a tight schedule and weren’t bothered to check back with the factory, they wanted to finish, so they just left the new Real-Sex Doll™ that Janice had ordered in its own crate for her hubby to find.

Janice hubby returned home later that day to find the crate, and inside was the doll, thinking that Stevie had returned his doll, after keeping her out of sight of his own Mother for the unexpected visit. He did not notice that this was the Real-Sex Doll™ his wife had bought for him, not Janice, wearing the doll suit that she thought that she would surprise him with.

Meanwhile, Stevie still away in his cabin, he was having a great time exploring all of the features of the doll. He had used all of the pleasure holes in the doll, he used it orally and then anally, which he’d liked and would try more of later. He even dressed the doll in some of Janice’s own clothing, which he’d taken from her laundry basket and kept for himself. He had propped the doll up in a dining chair when he has his breakfast to keep him company, dressed now in her own underwear and negligee, Janice could only sit there and watch him as he ate his breakfast.


The factory on hearing from the delivery guys, when they returned to the factory, that Janice wasn’t found when they dropped off the other doll to replace her, Maggie contacted her boss.

“Sir, it seems we have a problem.” She said on the phone.

“There is no problem that can’t be fixed.” He said, and then waited to hear what Maggie had to say.

“Well, the woman that was wearing the doll suit that we sent out on Friday hasn’t returned.” She explained. “The delivery guys couldn’t find her.” She continued, shifting the blame onto someone else.

“Maybe they went away somewhere, some hotel room where they could play out some fantasy or something.” Grahame replied. “I wouldn’t worry, they’ll contact us soon.” And then hung up the phone.

Later that day, Grahame, the owner of the doll factory was again disturbed, this time by his minion, in reality the designer of the doll suits that were worn by people wanting to experience being a doll.

“Sir, we seem to have a problem.” The minion began.

“There is no problem that can’t be fixed.” He said, fond of repeating himself.

“It’s that new suit.” Was the reply he heard.

“What about the new suit?” the boss asked.

“It hasn’t returned, the wearer still has it on.” The minion whimpered.

“So what is the problem?” Grahame asked, blissfully not knowing what could happen to the doll suit wearer.

“If you recall, I said that the wearer would possibly remain in her doll-like mind state, unless we can get her out soon.” He sounded concerned.

“Could or would?” Grahame asked, “If she stays inside the suit.”

“We don’t know, it has only been played out in computer simulations, this was the test suit that you wanted me to make.” Minion replied, trying to shift the responsibility on to the boss.

“And, I still don’t see a problem.” Grahame replied, thinking that he’d have to fire this idiot for getting him into some form of trouble. “She remains a doll; her owner can use her for longer.”

“Yes, but what if he doesn’t realize that she, is really a woman inside a dollsuit?” Minion replied.

“And, all the better for him then, she remains a doll, which she wanted in the first place, and he gets to have a sex toy that he can use anytime he wants to, with none of that troublesome foreplay and headaches to stop him. It’s a win-win situation.” Grahame said, remembering the days back when he was married to that horrid, ogre of a wife of his, now replaced with a couple of pleasant dolls to keep him company.

“But…” Minion started to say.

“No, that’s all for now, I’ll get Maggie to chase up the doll suit wearer or her new owner, which ever that is now.” And hung up, to return back to his pleasant thoughts about using the two dolls waiting for him at home.

Maggie looked at the email in front of her, “Why do I always get the difficult jobs?” she said to no one in particular, and began looking up the contact details that Janice had left on the contract.


In the cabin Stevie had finished breakfast and had bent the doll, still dressed up as Janice, over the table so it was face down and he had entered her rear pleasure hole, as the dolly called it. The dolly was delighted that her owner was using her again; she loved this owner better than the last one, as he seemed to want to play with her more. As he banged himself fully into the rear hole of the doll, he could see the head of the doll banging against the hard wooden top of the dining table, “Yeah, take that bitch!” he yelled as he climaxed again inside the doll.

Janice had watched as Stevie had dressed her in the clothes that she now wore, ‘I had wondered where that went?’ she thought to herself as Stevie dressed her in the negligee. ‘Cheeky sneak, he must have taken this from my laundry basket.’ She giggled, her dolly mind joining her in the thought. ‘I wonder what else he has of mine?’

Then Janice watched as he moved around the dining table and felt herself being lifted from the chair, hands held her on her waist and she was spun around in the air, and soon found herself face down on the table. ‘Oh, my owner wants to use me again, dolly likes being used by her owner.’ Then she felt the hard, firm penis probing against the outer rim of her anus. ‘Oh, my owner wants to use my rear hole again, mmm…’ her dolly mind thought.

‘Dirty bugger, he’s going to push himself into my butt again, didn’t he do that last night, and again this morning.’ Janice thought to herself, her mind cleared slightly from her dolly self with the slight pain of his entering her rear. ‘I’m going to be sore down there when he finishes with me.’ 

But she was surprised within herself that she actually started to enjoy having this dirty thing, as her mother had called it, shoved inside her rear hole, though it wasn’t the same type of pleasure she felt with vaginal sex, she found that she had some wonderful sensations go throughout her body as he continued to use her.
Once he had finished himself off inside the rear of the doll, Stevie felt satisfied now, he’d had a good breakfast and had some great quickie sex with the doll of his dreams, now all he wanted to do was get outdoors and start fishing. Cleaning away the dishes, he left the doll laying where it was on the table, her head twisted so her face could watch him as he cleaned up the cabin.

Janice watched Stevie as he cleaned, ‘I wonder what he’ll do to me next?’ she thought. ‘I hope that he continues to play with me.’ Her dolly mind interjected, ‘Dolly loves to be played with.’ Janice had to agree, ‘I like it when he plays with me too dolly.’


Back home, Janice’s husband returned from work to a still empty house, he had thought that his wife would be back home by now and he wondered where she could be. Picking up the phone he tried calling her mobile, but all he got was a message saying that the phone was turned off or out of range. Then he called Janice’s mother, but found that she hadn’t been there either. 

“No, she not here.” Was the reply, “Should she have been?”

“No, Janice said that she would be away, but didn’t say where.” He said.

“Have you tried her work? Maybe they know.” Janice’s mother replied, wondering where her daughter could be. 

“I’ll try them next.” He said.

“Please let me know the moment you find her, I’m worried now.” She said.

“I will do, don’t worry she’s probably on a business trip somewhere, or off somewhere enjoying herself.” He laughed, trying to make light of the situation, not realizing the truth in those words.

But calling her work shed no light on his wife’s whereabouts, they hadn’t seen her since Thursday and she’d left early for an appointment. Now he was worried, what could have happened to her, where was she?

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing, hoping that this was his wife he picked up.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hello, Mr Janson?” the female caller asked.

“Yes”, he replied, thinking this was a call from some hospital with bad news.

“I’m from the Real-Sex Doll™ company..” Maggie began.

“Sorry, I’m not interested…” he started to say, more concerned with his wife than some after-market survey.

“I’m sorry, Mr Janson, but there was a mix up with your wife’s order.” She continued to say.

“I don’t know what she ordered, but the doll is right here.” He said, looking over the doll inside the crate.

“Yes, that is the Real-Sex doll that your wife ordered, made in her own likeness as you may or may not have noticed.” Maggie thinking that all men are stupid, they wouldn’t notice the details that go into making the sex dolls, all they were concerned with was using the dolls.

“No, sorry I didn’t realize.” He said, surprised at his wife doing that for him.

Maggie thought, ‘Typical, I was right all along.’ And, after dismissing that thought, then continued. “But the thing is, I’m not sure that you’re aware of, was that your wife was actually the doll that was delivered to you on Friday. She was wearing one of our doll suits.”

There was silence in the air, he too stunned to take in the fact that the doll was indeed his wife or that he had shared her with his mate over a few beers.
“Please sir, are you still there?” Maggie asked, “Our delivery men were supposed to make the switch over today, but when they dropped off the other doll, they couldn’t find Janice dressed as she was inside the doll suit.”

“I err…” he stammered, still stunned.

“We thought that maybe you had taken her away for the weekend?” Maggie asked.

“No, I didn’t realize that she was… was the… “ he tried to say, “…doll.”

“Yes, she wanted to surprise you for your birthday, by giving herself dressed inside a doll suit, and then we would change her for the real one after the weekend. She wanted to be a sex doll for you for the weekend.” Maggie was pleased to announce.

“So, if she’s the doll from the weekend, and you delivered or swapped, the real sex doll today, then where the other doll, my wife?” Janice’s husband asked, confused.

“Well, that’s why I’m ringing you to find out.” Maggie answered, “We had arranged to swap her with the real doll today, but we couldn’t find her. So we thought that you had taken her away for the weekend.”

“Uhm, no…” was his reply, “I didn’t know that she was inside the doll.” Still stunned to find out the truth.

‘Typical male’, she thought, ‘cannot tell the difference between a real woman in a doll suit and a sex doll. Only thinking with their dicks!’

“Well, where is she then, she cannot get out of the suit until she returns to the factory, it was in the contract she signed.” Maggie stated, “Only we can free her from the suit.” She didn’t want to let on the fact that Janice was glued inside the suit.

“That’s strange, because I had just gotten home to find the doll, laying in the crate inside the lounge room, I had just figured that my friend had returned the doll, after hiding it from my Mother who visited unannounced yesterday….” He replied. “But you’re now saying that the doll inside the crate is ‘actually’ a real sex doll?”

“Yes.” Maggie replied, exasperated at having to deal with this idiot on the phone, she could be at home cuddled up to her own doll right now, exploring the contours and crevasses that so delighted her in the female dolls body.  “That is the Real-Sex doll.”

“But, then where is my wife?” he asked Maggie, expecting her to know.

“I don’t know sir,” Maggie said, thinking what the hell has gone on this weekend that he managed to lose his wife in her doll suit? “I thought that you may have the answer?”

“Then if that is your doll…” his mind had started to turn over, thinking back through events of the weekend, “Then my wife, dressed in your dollsuit is…”

“Is where? Sir, we do need to find her.” Maggie responded.

“She must still be with Stevie…” he revealed, “and the bastard didn’t return my doll after all.”

“That doll, Sir, is your wife!” Maggie stunned at the reply, thinking all men are bastards. 

“He must have taken away with him to his hunting cabin.” He said.

“Well sir, if you didn’t realize that your wife was inside the suit, and that you and your friend seemed to have shared the doll, that was her, and both of you remain blissfully unaware that you were using a real life woman, one who loved you enough to give herself to you as a gift. What did you do with her?” Maggie ranted. 

“We both used her that one night, after we got drunk.” He sheepishly admitted.

“So then you gave her to your friend, who has taken her away!” Maggie asked, still angry with Janice’s husband. “And, is probably using her right now, as we speak.” She stated, just to twist the knife in.

“Oh…” Still stunned, and now feeling incredibly guilty, “I guess maybe he would be…” And thoughts of Stevie using his wife flooded his brain.

“Well, I suggest that you contact your friend, and find out where they are?” Maggie said, “She will need something to drink by now, at least, unless you think that cum counts!” she spat.

“I know where his cabin is, I’ve been there before.” Janice’s husband said, “But he’s not contactable up there, there’s no phone coverage and no other way to contact him.”

“Best get out there as soon as you can then.” Maggie said, then after some thought, “It’ll be better if I come along to, she’ll need to be taken care of and I don’t trust you two male morons to realize what she’ll need, especially the aftercare.”

“Aftercare?” he asked, confused.

“She’s been used by two men as their plaything for the entire weekend, in her mind she may still be your wife, but I bet right now she thinks more of herself as a sex toy. Plus she hasn’t eaten or drank anything the entire weekend; she’ll be confused, disorientated and may not be aware of herself.” Maggie stated from experience, she’d had many women come back after being a doll, to find that they were more into the doll side of things than they were originally intending to be. “I need to be there, no ifs or buts; I’m on my way over.”

The phone went dead in his hand; he was still stunned that his wife, Janice, had gone to such lengths to give him the ultimate gift, herself, to him, as a sex doll. And that he had betrayed her by allowing his friend Stevie to use her, and then he recalled the vision of the both of them, one in her rear and the other down her throat, both using her for their pleasure.


Back in the cabin, Stevie had finished fishing for the day and had caught a few good sized fish, now all wanted to do was get back to the cabin and put the doll to some more good use or ‘loving’, as he described it. He found the doll exactly where he left her, still sitting in the lounge chair, dressed in Janice’s see-though underwear & negligee, waiting, it seemed to him for his return.

Janice though, whilst Stevie had been away outside of the cabin, had waited until she could no longer hear him, and then got herself up out of the chair. Her throat was parched; it felt to her like she hadn’t had a drink in weeks, well at least for the weekend. It was only when she realized that she was standing by the sink, a glass of water in hand, and that she could actually move; something that wasn’t at all possible until now.

Drinking the water down, her thirst started to feel quenched; she then felt the urgent need to seek out a toilet, though she didn’t know why. When she walked, on her wobbly feet, into the bathroom in the cabin, she noticed the face in the mirror. It looked like her, but it seemed to be coated in some sort of substance, she reached out with her hand towards the mirror, and then discovered that her hand was also coated in the same material. 

She recalled that she had been a doll, something that the boys, her owners, had enjoyed using, and that she had also felt wonderful inside when they did. ‘Why was she a doll?’ She thought. ‘Is that what I am?’ She was still confused in her mind.

‘Of course you’re a dolly.’ She heard, the dolly voice in her head was talking to her again. ‘You’ve always been a doll.’

‘No, I think I was something else…’ Janice tried to focus her mind. 

‘You’re a sex toy, a doll for men to use.’ Dolly said. ‘Nothing more.’

‘No, that’s not right…’ Janice thought, trying hard to recall.

‘Well, why do you look like a sex doll then?’ her dolly mind thought, ‘look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?’

‘I see… I see a…’ Janice tried harder to focus.

‘A doll, that’s what you see.’ Dolly mind thought.

‘No, I’m a woman inside a sex doll.’ Janice fought back, ‘My name is Janice, I am a woman…’

But her thoughts were becoming blurred again, the more she fought against the programming the harder it was for her to maintain her identity. She found herself back in the main part of the cabin, the image no longer of her in the mirror. She continued to have conflicting thoughts as she continued to walk on wobbly legs.

‘See, dollies can’t walk, you’re legs are too weak.’ Her dolly mind said laughing.

‘No, I’m a…’ Janice fought, but her mind began to fog over again.

‘You’re a dolly; and your new owner will be back here soon, better get ready.’ Her dolly mind stated.

‘Yes, my new owner will want to use me again soon, I hope.’ Janice now thought, her mind clearing of negative non-dolly thoughts. ‘And he has dressed me too, so I look sexy for him.’

‘Yes, you’re a very sexy, sex doll waiting to be used, best be ready for his return.’ Dolly mind said.

Janice sat down where she had been left before by Stevie, her immediate needs for water taken care of, the override system in the programming functioning as normal, to maintain the doll suit wearers health, next the system recognized would be the need to allow the doll to feed, and the doll would once again be able to move to find some food.

Janice was looking forward to being used again, she had come to like being used by Stevie for sex, he seemed to be more considerate of her needs, even though she was only a doll, she had been allowed to have several orgasms, something that felt even more wonderful than back when she was a real woman. Even having his penis stuffed up her rear hole was pleasurable with him, this wasn’t a rushed offering like with her old owner, this one seemed to take his time and allow the doll’s rear hole to adjust to allow him access.

Janice, agreed with the doll in her mind that the new owner was better for her, he did more things for her and treated her much nicer than the old owner. She was pleased to see him again when he entered the cabin from his fishing trip, ‘Oh goody, my owner is back, hopefully he’ll play with me some more.’

Which that is exactly what he did.

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