Trip to the Carnival

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2008 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/m; kidnap; plastic; doll; transform; enema; oral;; reluct; X


Well I’m off to the Carnival that came into town everybody is talking about. I arrive and get a bunch of tickets to ride all the rides even double if I want. As I pay for the tickets the ticket person looks at me up and down and smiles a little, I don’t know why, as she hands me the tickets and asks for my wrist. I stick my arm through the window and she places this pink armband on me. I ask what it is for and she tells me since I bought so many tickets I get too ride the “Real Ride” at the back of the park which opens 5 minutes before the rest of the rides close. I thought wow cool a free ride.

This was like most carnivals some OK rides and some really cool ones. Unfortunately no coasters where too be found. Every time I got to a ride the girl at the gate would look at me then smile, I wondered if they were smiling at everybody or me. At the Whirlwind ride I watched and sure enough she wasn’t smiling at anybody, oh wait I see her smiling at someone. Now she’s back too normal I’m bored look face. I keep watching as I probably have 10 more minutes to wait and she is not smiling at all. As I approach the gate I have seen her smile only one other time. I reach the gate and sure enough she smiles directly at me.

As I walk around and play games and what not and notice that every employee smiles at me, and I see them smiling a few other times. I try too catch a pattern and I finally catch on it’s the wristbands! I wonder if it’s because we bought so many tickets. I go on one more ride before I’m out of tickets and rides about too close. I then see the dude next too me also has a wristband, he is also kind of skinny and has shoulder length hair just like mine but his hair is blond. I ask him how many tickets he purchased and he depressingly tells me only four. I think too myself only four, I bought fifty and he gets the free ride too! What the hell is going on I bought so many more than him. Oh well at least I get the free ride.

As we stand in line I notice not too many people are here and most of us are smaller and skinny except one little chubby guy. This ride looks pretty big for so few people. I get up to the gate and they walk me to where I get to ride. It is like a conveyor belt. There is like a tray with a body shape to it. I walk up and lay down on it. As I get strapped in, two straps for each arm, two across upper and lower chest, and two for each leg. They tell me it is for our protection as the ride is scary. As one of the employees taps me on the shoulder I feel two little pricks in my arm, which were kind of like the ones you get for tetanus.

As the tray I’m on goes up the conveyor belt I feel a little tingling in my arm. The conveyor belt makes a turn and I approach the grand entrance, I think this ride better be good. I enter the ride and its pitch black inside. I feel a few turns and I see some light in the opening and I enter a brightly lit room, two people grab my tray I’m strapped into and set me down on a table. They ask me to move my legs, I go to move my legs and barely get them up one inch, and they smile and say, "Well the drug has taken effect". I wonder what the hell is going on here.

They take my pants and underwear off and take some plastic looking panties and they start too slide them up my legs. They get near my penis and they fiddle with it placing my penis in some pouch in my new underwear thing. They pull them up all the way and one of them brings over a spray bottle and spays them with water. I feel them tightening slightly and hardening and I also feel my buttocks spreading a little. Strange as tight as I thought they felt at first it almost doesn’t feel like it’s even on me.

Next they take my shirt off and socks and shoes. They then stand me up put two loops between both my arms for my body too is suspended without their help. They place a very small pair of goggles on me covering just my eyes. They also place a hair cover over my head as if not too get my hair wet. They stand back away from me. I hear one of them say ready and then a click and all of a sudden I am covered in some powder. As the cloud clears I feel water being sprayed on me and feel my body starting to stiffen quite a bit. I am then taken to a room with cages and I am placed in one of them lying down and the cage is locked on me. As I lay there I see the other people that were in the line being placed into the other cages. I soon fall asleep as whatever drug they gave me is making me fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning and it is hard to sit up as if I am stiff all over. I finally get up and look at my body and it looks just like plastic! I look at my privates and where my penis was is now what looks like a baby dolls front with a small bulge and a tiny hole at the bottom just like a doll would have to go pee, I reach towards my butt and see that my butt cheeks are spread a little with my asshole being spread open.

One of the workers comes in and unlocks my cage takes my hand and walks me too a new room. There I see others looking like all sorts of dolls ranging from normal dolls to Chucky type dolls. I am then placed on a counter where I am diapered. I find it kind of hard too move but I can do it slowly, it’s like trying to move in mud. One of the workers tells me that my new plastic body can be made harder for harder movement and as long as I pay attention and do what I’m told this would be all that will be applied, for now. They also said that even though it is a plastic your skin will still breathe and doesn’t feel like it’s there. She was correct I couldn’t tell that I had anything on my skin.

They looked at me and asked what kind of doll should we make you. This woman puts her fingers through my hair and tells me you’ll be a perfect slave dolly girl. I am then taken to a chair where they put tons of tiny rollers in my hair and put some liquid on it. As I sit there a new girl applies makeup like she is making a painting. I am told not to move since this makeup is permanent on my new skin. So I make sure I sit properly. As they wait for my hair to finish they tell me what I’ll be doing in the beginning. They tell me that I will be a doll for one of the women & her husband of the carnival until I’m complete, what that meant I didn’t want to know. A few moments later they wash this stuff out of my hair.

They put me in a bigger person style stroller and then taken off to another room. There I see all the different clothes that they have. The woman that I will be going to was there and said she wanted me to get dressed right away as she wanted to play with me right now. They find a pink and white puffy dress. They slip it over my head and button up what seemed to be 20 buttons. They follow up with little white anklet frilly socks, which are then followed by Mary Jane tap shoes, making it sound whenever I walk, which by the way I find to be easier now, the drug from the night before must be wearing off finally. It now feels like I’m moving through water whenever I try too move.

Now that I am all dressed a neck collar and leash are attached to me, then a pacifier was placed in my mouth. The woman tugs on my leash and makes me follow her. It feels weird having to do it but I have to as I am on a leash and now probably their slave forever. We come up to her trailer and I am taken inside. We walk into her room as she sits me down in a princess chair and I finally see a mirror so I can see what I look like. I am shocked that I look like a pretty dolly that a little girl would have with rosy red cheeks and lightly red lips. I have to pee and spit the pacifier out and tell the lady I have to go. She laughs and tells me, "Silly! Dolly dolls use their diapers, they never use a bathroom", and then asks when I ever saw a doll use a toilet. I totally drench the diaper as I feel myself soaking it.

After I’m done she gets me up on a changing table made for a huge kid or adult. She then takes my very wet diaper off and then shoves a few suppositories in my butt and laughs telling me I need faster training and they’ll help. She tapes on the new diaper, after we are done she walks me over to what looks like a big crib with a lid on it. She tells me to get in as she needs to go take a shower. I get in and she closes the lid. She then hands me a bottle of some pink fluid, the bottle is twice the size of a normal bottle, also the nipple is the shape of a penis. The fluid tasted nasty but I don’t want any trouble so I sit there sucking down the fluid until she comes back.

She soon comes back in and tells me her name is Susie and wants too know my name. I tell her it’s Mike and notice my voice is now high pitched like a girl. She smiles and says the fluid worked and followed by "It’ll last for about two months and my voice will return to normal," and then tells me my new name is Michelle. She then gives me another bottle of fluid, this time she tells me it’s honestly only milk, I humbly take the bottle. She turns and walks towards the door. She then tells me I have a big 2 weeks ahead of me. If all goes well I should be sold for a very high dollar. My training better go good or else!

I lay there in the dark pondering my predicament. I moved my arm down to where my penis was hidden and just cried as I couldn’t feel anything. I drank the milk bottle and slowly went to sleep. I awoke in middle of the night with sharp pains from my penis. I was having a wet dream and whatever my penis was in, it couldn’t get hard and it was painful as ever. I did my best to think of something that didn’t make me horny. Even though as bad as my situation was, it still made me a little horny as I did like bondage stuff, so I barely could even think about my situation. I could smell the stink of shit, those suppositories must of worked on my slightly spread asshole. I do my best to go back to sleep.

Hours pass and it’s finally morning and Suzie comes in and takes me to the bathroom. She undresses me of all the clothes leaving the diaper in place. She has me step in the shower and then finally takes off the diaper. The front of me looks like a shitty plastic doll, it’s hard to believe it’s even me. She uses the shower head to wash me down. She then changes the head on the shower and it is now an enema shower head she tells me. She repeatedly shoves it up my ass filling me up and watches It flow right out of me into the shower. She then puts some small plastic thing onto the enema thing and shoves in my butt for one last time. I can feel it filling me and it starts to hurt and she then lets the enema out.

She hurries up and puts this huge looking butt plug in my ass. I scream in a big yelp, I’m told to just shut the hell up. She digs around in this duffel bag she had brought with her. Suzie pulls out this crazy looking electronic device with a penis on it and all I can see are straps too. As I am standing there in pain from the butt plug and agony from being bloated from the enema, she says maybe you can release now. She rips the butt plug out and it hurt like hell. It took around 2 minutes to empty out all the way. She put the plug back in and then showed me the gag she had pulled out. She describes how it works.

I am told that this is cutting edge technology and I should feel lucky for it being used on me. It has a digital readout on the front and a small container which looks like there is fluid in it already. She explains that the dick must be sucked in order for the fluid to come out. She explains that it’s not like a baby bottle but only releases fluid after the dick is sucked so many times. She gives me a closer look at it and displays to me how much it should be sucked to make it count. She puts it on me forcing it into my mouth. I am told that I am to empty the vial of fluid in 1 hour or I’d be punished; I was told I didn’t want that. I was told all the liquid would be gone on 2,000 successful sucks.

She laughed at me saying a minute was up already I better get to it. As I unwillingly sucked away, hearing it click while it counted every time I sucked hard. She took me to another room where I was diapered again with the butt plug still stuffed away. Another dress was put on me, and I must have hit a special number because a small amount of the fluid went into my mouth. It tasted vile, made my mouth all tingly inside and made me arch my back a little. I was asked how the botixicide tasted. It should do its work after 2,000 and she laughed evilly. Even though I didn’t like the sound of her laugh, I continually sucked on the gag. She attached a collar to me and then chained me to a wall. She leaves and tells me she’ll be back in an hour.

I have now finished off the vile liquid she called botixicide, well at least I think I have anyway. Suzie comes back in the room and sees that I did in fact finish off the liquid. She congratulated me and told me I wouldn’t be punished. She took the gag off of me and I noticed my mouth was stiff and I couldn’t really close my mouth. Suzie laughs very evilly and calls some guy named Jim into the room. This younger guy enters and looks at me and laughs and says that wow that shit worked better than I expected. They grab a mirror and I finally see my face. I look like some freaky sex doll now in the face with my mouth in that perfect O mouth.

Fear must have been in my eyes or something, cuz I am told that yes in fact my mouth is for fucking and sucking just like a love doll. I now realize the horror that I am being made into a love doll with a little dolly look. Suzie attaches a feeder bag and tube to the penis gag I was just sucking on and she straps it onto me and I am told that there is food for me as long as I suck on the dick gag. She changes the settings and I am told that every 50 sucks I will be supplied with a small amount of liquefied food that will keep me healthy as keep my new plastic skin in good keep.

I am then led to my former cage/crib and am locked into it. They leave the room and I don’t see or hear anyone for a few hours. I then hear a semi truck starting its engine and I then find out the trailer starts to move.

Jim and Suzie enter and tell me there are bids already starting for me. I am told that many were impressed to have sucked the timer cock 2,000 in record time. I start to cry and scream but all that can be heard are muffled cries and sounds. In two weeks the auction will end. More training will start tomorrow and only god knows what other training lies ahead of me. Only time will tell. The door and lights are shut on me and I am stuck in a cage sucking a gag for food and look like a big version of a little dolly made out of a sex doll.

Can it get worse……


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