Trip to the Carnival 2

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2008 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/m; kidnap; plastic; doll; transform; fem; enema; oral; anal; reluct; X

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Part Two

Here I lay in a crib sucking away on a cock gag that is giving me food. I gaze at my body and it frightens me how much I look like a freaky plastic doll. I can't believe this stuff goes on or stuff like this plastic skin even exists. What makes me even more scared is the fact that there are auctions to purchase people like me turned into one of these dolls.

The trailer stops, the door opens and I am made aware that they have stopped at the next destination. Jim proceeds to tell me that there is a dentist that'll be here sometime during the day. I am told that my teeth will be taken out as teeth are hard to take care of on a sex doll, less cleaning and no worries of cavities that may need fixing.

I am left alone again, then all of a sudden two younger guys come in and they both can't be more than 20. The one tells the other that I am gonna be gummed today and he wanted to take a go before my teeth were ripped out. He asks his buddy if he wants to face fuck me as well, he declines and says he wants me from behind to give me a full front and back workout. The first one laughs as he can see me tremble in fear. The crib is opened up and I am carried to a bed.

I lay on the bed defenseless to stop my first face fucking. I barely could breathe and gagged many times. He wasn't that big, maybe 6" but I was choked all to hell. I was told I would learn how to breath properly soon enough, the new toy will be here later in the week. I didn't like the sound of that. I am also getting pounded in the ass fiercely and it hurts really bad with the combination of the two. I can feel the cock in my mouth pulsating and ready to explode. What seemed like cups of cum went in my mouth he just holds his cock in my mouth ordering me to lick his cock clean and get all my nutrition.

As I licked the cock in my mouth clean and did what I was told, I hear the guy behind me getting ready to cum in my ass. He shoots load after load in me, he then shoves his cock in my ass as far as he can. I feel his dick shrink down, then tells the other guy to grab the butt plug. He then leans down and whispers in my ear that I'll really like this, shortly after he says that I feel a stream of piss shooting in my ass. I squirm as much as I can but am smacked upside the head by the other guy as he brought back the butt plug. After he was done peeing he pulls out and the extremely large plug was shoved up my ass again.

I am dragged back to the crib cage that I was in before the raping I just received. Jim walks into the trailer just as these other two were locking the penis feeding gag back on me putting me back into the cage. Jim gets extremely mad at them, and says something like sure they are 18 but they still act like kids and should never of gave me a test run early. He appears to be Jim's kid by the way he was being talked to. I find out his name was Rob and he proceeded to beg forgiveness. Rob went on to say he knew my teeth were going to be ripped out and wanted to try a doll out with teeth still, I guess teeth are ripped out really fast or something the way he was talking. Rob went on to say his friend Fred wanted to try me out as well, and even mention my piss enema.

Jim tells Rob to finish locking me in and laughs about my piss enema and says, well it was gonna get a few of those tonight anyway better it get one earlier than later. All three of them leave and I just sit there sucking on my feeding penis. I was shocked at how fast I was called 'it' like I wasn't even a human anymore, I am now an object made for fucking and sucking. I am almost glad I was put back in a diaper because I start to feel the piss enema leak out very slowly.

Jim and Rob come back about an hour or so later with the dentist. The feeding penis gag is empty and I am congratulated again on sucking that thing fast. The cage is unlocked and I am lifted out. Jim and Rob have a hold of both of my arms and take me to another part of the trailer that has a dental chair that looks like a bondage chair as well, this excited me because I like bondage but I knew what was gonna happen so it was a downer as well. I am strapped into the chair and the chair is tilted back. The dentist proceeds to shoot my mouth full of Novocaine so I don't feel as much pain. My mouth is extremely numb now and the dentist proceeds to pull all of my teeth out. Tears are pouring out and Jim tells me not to worry as being face fucked now and sucking will be more pleasurable.

I was thinking to myself, for who, the one thats fucking my mouth or getting sucked by my mouth.

All of my teeth are now gone and the dentist starts to put some stuff that smells like super glue. He calmly tells me that it'll speed the healing of all my gums. After that is all done some panel gag is placed on me to cover my mouth. Jim tells me that a cock gag won't return for about 2 days. However it won't stop bidders from testing me out later on tonight. I was thinking 'bidders testing me out?' Did that mean I was gonna be ass fucked again tonight!

I am all drowsy like now from the Novocaine and whatever that dentist put in my mouth for the gums to heal. The straps are taken off and I am now carried to another trailer. As we enter the room I see what looks like a tattoo set up. I am first taken to the bathroom of this trailer. I am then placed into the tub and cleaned and readied to be tattooed. They place the butt plug back in my ass and pull out a fresh new pink dress for me. I see some lettering on the dress, I make out what looks like the work fuck and that is all. As they place the new very sissy doll like dress on me, I can now see what it says all over the dress 'Fuck n Suck Girl Doll' and my stomach sinks as I figure it's advertising for what will be the testing later on tonight.

After I am cleaned up I am then taken to the Tattoo room again and I am placed down on my stomach and strapped down. The Tattooist asks what is going on this thing again, Jim replied to him, 'Piss and Cum Station' right above it's asshole. I was thinking to myself that I probably will never be anything else now other than this plastic love doll. Even if this plastic skin that is on me comes off I'll still have the Piss and Cum station right above my asshole, which means if I do get free that'll be hard to explain away.

After the Tattoo is done Jim and Rob pick me up and leave the trailer. Jim leaves me in Robs hands and tells him to put me back into the cage. Rob aggressively yanks me and takes me back to the trailer with the crib cage. Rob throws me into the cage and closes down the lid. His cellphone suddenly rings and he answers it. He gets excited that it's his girlfriend and starts chatting away and talks about me and how he got to face fuck this sex doll that'll be sold in under two weeks. I find out bidding for me has already reached $5,000. Rob casually walks out of the trailer chatting away without a care for anything else.

I notice he didn't lock the top of the cage! I think to myself hard, can I escape?

Should I even try, I can move my arms and legs pretty well but is it enough to escape these crazy people. There wasn't that many people around outside and they all seemed more interested in setting up than paying any attention to the trailers with the other human sex dolls they are creating. I say screw it I am gonna try, there was a highway right near by, I know I can reach that.

I take the panel gag off and lift up the top of the cage. I am out of the cage now and am so nervous it's crazy. I glance out the windows I can look out and I don't see anyone near by. This is my chance to escape, I have to try now. I can't allow myself to become some sex doll for someone. I carefully open the door to step outside and the coast seems clear. I feel like an idiot how slow I am running, I get past these bushes and hide behind them. I am nearly out of breath just running that far. I see what looks like the highway from where I am at and take a run for it. I make it to the highway and do my best to wave someone down.

Some very young gay couple sees me and they stop to pick me up. I get in and since my mouth is all screwed up I can't really talk as unintelligible sounds come from my mouth. They start driving away and I hear them conversing to each other and it turns out that they are bidding on me! They argue back and forth on if they should take me back to the Carnival or keep me right now. They decide on taking me back to the carnival, and I try to escape but the back car doors have the safety lock so little kids can't open the door.

We arrive back at the carnival and the two guys take me to Jim. Jim thanks the two guys for returning me and then turns to me and tells me that I was told what would happen if I ever tried to escape. I was taken to the trailer that I was in originally to have my plastic skin put on me. My head was covered in a rubber hood with a small breathing hole. The dress taken off of me and all of a sudden more of the plastic powder stuff was put all over my plastic body. Water came on again making my skin very, very stiff. A few moments later I couldn't move at all! After that I was redressed and taken outside and taken to my platform I'd be at for the night. There were many booths that had different advertisements for the different dolls that these people were auctioning off.

We then apparently arrive at the booth I'd be at. I look up and see the advertisement for me and it says 'Fuck & Suck Dolly Fuck tryouts $5.00 each, Bidders only! Suck tryouts next week, one day before end of auction'

There appears to be half of a wooden horse sticking out of a hole. I am taken up and laid down on the horse and my upper body is shoved through this hole. On the other side of the hole two big men grab my arms and strap them to the other half of the wooden horse while on the other side of the hole Jim was attaching my legs to the horse. After I was strapped to the horse a monitor was turned on in front of me and I could see it looked just like the booth I was put into, and the closer I look it is me!

What was that for, so I can see myself being tested out? I then see Jim on a microphone on the monitor telling everyone that testing has now begun on Fuck & Suck Dolly.

I see a small line already start ready to try my sex doll ass out. I watch as Jim rips the butt plug out and starts collecting money from the bidders. Since my ass is tattooed with Piss and Cum station, I wonder how many of these guys I see will piss in my ass as well as cum in it. I also see a few women in the monitor with strap ons, I could only hope to be purchased by a mistress or woman that wants me as her sex dolly instead of a guy or two like the couple I thought saved me from this nightmare.

I only pray that I can wake up from this nightmare, or how I can reverse time and make sure I never visited this carnival.


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