Trip to the Carnival 3

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2008 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/m; kidnap; plastic; doll; transform; fem; enema; oral; anal; reluct; X

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Part Three

I'm here laying down on a wooden horse starring at a monitor of a line of people ready to give my doll ass a fuck test. Suzie came in to sit and watch and record my reactions to my ass fucking. A microphone is put in front of me so the bidders outside can hear my screams, moans & heavy breathing from my enjoyment or torment.

The first one is up, surprisingly he is choosing to use a condom, I now realize that there is another cameraman as the monitor changes view. This guy looks pretty damn big! Either this guy is at least nine inches or the camera is making him look huge. Well I'll find out in a second. He sticks the tip of his cock into my ass slowly and it doesn't feel as big as it seemed.

As he slides in deeper until he is fully inside of me, I am starting to moan in pain and my girl voice that I have been given is being amplified to the outside and I see all the attendees cheer and howl. The guy starts fucking me harder and faster and Suzie laughs and tells me she can see it in my eyes that I am loving my ass fucking. This makes me mad and I try to say no and it in turn makes me sound like I want to be fucked even more to the audience. The man rapping my ass explodes as I watch him arch his back as he fills the condom.

The guy pulls out of me and pulls the condom off and places it in a bowl. The camera zooms in on the bowl and I see the words 'late night dinner'. I can't believe this, are they really gonna feed me cum, isn't the ass testing enough for tonight?

My ass fucking continues on for a couple hours, or what seems to be many hours. Most of the guys tonight used condoms and placed it in my dinner bowl. Every so often there'd be a bidder that wants to piss in my ass. The first one that did was almost like a spectacle as people almost crouched and carefully watched versus the cheering of my fucking. This guy still fucked me hard and again the microphone made it sound as if I loved every moment of it, honestly I think I was starting to enjoy some of it because I could feel my penis trying it's best to get hard in it's plastic prison.

After this guy shot his load after load into me, he pushed in as far as he could and hunched forward. I started to feel the warm stream shoot into me and as much as I started to squirm, nothing happened. You could hear my moan loud and clear outside while this happened. The man motioned his hand in the air and another guy ran up to the podium and stroked his cock to be hard and quickly shoved it in my ass right after the other guy pulled out, so pee would not leak out. This other guy seems to be almost twice as big as the previous and I started to scream in pain. The crowd seemed to enjoy that as arms flew into the air. This guy was even more rabid than any other tester this night. My screams were getting louder and louder and as I felt this guy shooting his load I just passed out from the stress pain, excitement and everything else.

I am awakened by sharp painful swats against my ass. There is a woman up at the podium! She is wearing a strap on that seems unrealistically big. She is also holding a cane and is whipping my ass with it. As she is whipping my ass you can see piss, cum and pieces of crap  dribbling down out of my ass and every whack seems to make more spurt out and more cheers from the audience. As I cry it just sounds like extreme moan of pleasure, making my situation ever so more humiliating.

One last bidder was up, he didn't want to fuck my ass but had his own slave and forced it down to their knees. Since they were covered in black latex I couldn't tell what sex the slave was. Their face though was pushed into my ass and forced to lick my asshole clean. This was very arousing. This was the most enjoyment I had all night. You could definantly tell I enjoyed this as I was moaning in pleasure faster and faster. The rubber slave licked every inch of my asshole.

After that was over, Rob showed the crowd how easy to clean up my plastic skin was by washing off my legs. They came out perfectly clean as if nothing happened. Rob grabs the bowl of  cum filled condoms and started emptying them into a cup. After he was done emptying them all, he announces twelve fluid ounces. He walks around and is now standing in front of me. He attaches the feeding penis gag to my mouth and fills the feeding bag full of the cum. He leans down to tell me in the ear I better finish it fast, or I shall regret it. I am so beat and out of it that I found it hard to comply with his order. I am doing my best the but the cum isn't moving as fast as Rob would of hoped. So he plugs my nose, I suck the rest of it down fast as possible so I can breath easier.

The night comes to an end and I am placed into the cage I have been familiar with after I have been fitted with a new diaper. I am told besides my dismal sucking demonstration at the end of the night, I did well and bids are the highest they have ever been for a fuck n suck dolly.

There are a few boxes in the room and I am asked by a yes or no if I wanted to know what's in them. I really don't want to know because I know all it will be is some sort of punishment or training. Either way, I thought it'd make them happier I shook my head yes like I was a kid the night before Christmas. A sucking trainer was in the box. It would train me on how to perfectly breath no matter how long I am to suck a cock or no mater how long a someone fucks my face.

They ask me if I want to know how it works, I humbly utter uh huh. There is an angled posture collar that make the head point upwards. The penis that I'll be sucking on is a random automatic penis. There is some pants that are huge girdle like things that house an electronic butt plug, wires and tubes are connected to the gag. Once the gag is turned on if the wearer doesn't breath properly the butt plug will send a shock basically telling the wearing your not sucking and breathing properly. The shocking device is set to keep on turning up on continuous screw ups.

Great, now I know what my painful new toy will be in a couple days. I am also told that I was disrespectful when sucking down the cum earlier in the night, the shock device will be started on level 3 instead of level one. As they leave me in my cage, they also leave one light on so I can see the suck training devices. I turn away and attempt to sleep as I don't know what to feel or think. I think back on the day as I did think I enjoyed something. What was it I enjoyed? Was it the fucking or the helplessness or the humiliation?

Morning comes and I am ignored the entire day except for two times, once to give me some liquid to drink and once for the diaper to be changed. I then fall asleep again and loose track of the day because there really is no light that come into the trailer.

Three days pass, I am assuming, as I am forcefully pulled from the cage and the cock sucking trainer is put on me. It is not turned on just yet, I am told I will be given two minutes of trial and error of no shocks but a sound will beep when I am sucking and breathing wrong. The machine is turned on and the beep is loud and the cock goes into my throat and I gag and choke. I do my best and it took me a little bit but I finally was getting it.

The machine is turned off after my two minutes of trial was over. The electronic plug is hooked up. I am put into the crib/cage and locked in to practice on my sucking. I am told that the cock will be set to random so I better be ready for it to speed up and slow down at any time, if I screw up I'll get shocked. The machine is turned on again by remote control and I get my first zap! I scream and another zap as the breathing isn't right. I get used to the breathing again within seconds as the shock is not fun.

The cock starts to go faster and it is hard for me to keep up and I started to get zapped badly. I must of screwed up really bad because I can tell the shock level has increased. I then get into the groove and start sucking like a champ and no shocks at all.  Rob comes in with his friend to watch me.   Having them there made me nervous enough to mess up and get shocked a few times. They laugh at each time I get shocked.

This went on for a couple hours, by the time it was over the shock level went up to seven. Suzie was mad as hell at me for this and thought I needed discipline. After removing the suck training device, she took me to a wooden horse and my legs and arms were strapped in. She told me after this I'd get some real pleasure. Suzie grabbed a whip with lots of leather straps and starts whipping my ass but good. She whips my ass hard as hell and sometime missed and hits my legs. I scream in pain and pleasure at each whip. I eventually can't stand the pain anymore and start crying. I felt even worse as my O mouth is drooling like a super leaky faucet.

Suzie unstraps me from the horse and takes me to a room and throws me face down on a bed. She turns around and locks the door so no one enters. She stripped down and jumps up on the bed. She lifts my face and forces it into her pussy. She orders me to lick her to orgasm. She also tells me that this might be my last chance to truly pleasure a woman as the highest bidders are male.

I move my tongue like I have never before. Suzie is moaning in pleasure and starts to wrap her legs around my head. She would randomly move and lift her legs a bit so I was giving her a rim job as well. She then brought me to a chair and made me suck on her titties. This was awesome! This made me so want to be sold to a female and be made into a lesbian love doll. I was then repositioned to lick her asshole again. This went on for over an hour until she took me back to my cage for the night and locked me in.

I am so confused now, I was tortured all day sucking a cock and getting shocked for screwing up. Suzie let me eat her out and suck on her tits to what seemed like multiple Orgasms. There is about a week, I think, before they finally sell me off for good. The one thing that I want to know is, how much are they getting for me? They seem to have spent all kinds of money on this stuff, so they must be making a killing on us that have been made into dolls.


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