Trip to the Carnival 4

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2008 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/m; kidnap; plastic; doll; transform; fem; enema; oral; anal; reluct; X

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Part Four

After a week of pure punishment, I don't know how I will be able to make it once I am finally sold tomorrow. If the punishments, or teachings as my captors would rather call it, are anything I can expect by the winning bidder, I hope I die fast as that would not be a life to live at all. Being my last night before my final day up on the auction block, I am allowed to relax without anything inserted. I am also naked, with clear view of my fake privates that has sealed my cock away. I have lost feeling down there as well, I can no longer feel the pain I did when I my life first began as this sex doll. I wonder was it other drugs I was given, or natural body reaction.

It is now the final day I wake up still naked with light glaring down right on me. I look like a mannequin style love doll, my skin looks so much like plastic if I did not see it for myself I wouldn't believe it. There is drool running out of my O mouth and nothing I can do about it. I guess it'd be better to have that practice penis in my mouth than the humiliating drool...

Some new guy comes in and unlocks my prison, as he shoves a big butt-plug up my ass. He then walks me very forcebly into a big theater. A familiar looking style horse is on the stage. I also see big banners advertising us love dolls. I loose count after 13 names as I am placed into a new cage. I am then told the butt-plug that has been inserted is a shocking plug. If I don't do what is expected of me or am bad while in the cage I will be shocked and each shock will get stronger.

I look around and it is like a big dog cage with a penis water bottle on the side. There is also another penis shaped water bottle, but it has a funnel hooked onto it.... I can only imagine already what that was meant for. I don't even want to imagine how many guys and women will piss in that for me to drink let alone cum in it for me to also drink down. I am sure that's what the shocking plug is for, when I don't suck down piss or cum.

It has been a couple hours and there were 5 people that wanted me to drink from the urinal, that was horrible but not as bad as the first shock from the plug for not drinking someones piss right away. If that was the lowest setting for a shock, I think anything more would shock you to death or at least make you pass out.

It's only one o'clock and the auctioning begins at eight. I watch as over 20 different dolls are walked to other cages while others were carried to the cages. By the looks of the ones carried the plastic coating crap they put on us is on really heavy. I don't think they ever made it that heavy on me. Did they screw up that bad or is that how their doll style is desired?

I can't believe the different styles people want to buy. There was animal style dolls even that made me think of the Island of Dr Mauro. I have to go to the bathroom really bad at the moment and all of a sudden there is a video camera coming my way, what the hell do they have this televised... They come up to my cage and start to talk about my features as a Fuck and Suck Doll. Not even 5 seconds later the camera pulls in on me I shiver in fear and I start to piss. Obviously I no longer have a penis visible so I pee out my new privates. They take notice and video tape the whole thing with comentary and all. He also mentions for an extra fee they can make a pussy or penis available after the auction. The man finished talking about my features as a doll and moves on to the animal doll next to me.

It is now nearing Eight and suprisingly there have only been two people an hour that would want to cum or pee in my penis on the cage. Just then a really hot sub girl comes up to my cage. Begging her master to buy me. She said I would be good for her to practice on for when he needs an extra hand. She begs and tells him she, meaning me oddly, will do whatever I say and I can have her in one of my doll cabinets. They both walked off and he tells her be good till I'm up and maybe.

Right after that another master came up but he had three slaves that had chastity belts on. They were all dressed in a tight latex with their arms strapped behind their backs with hands touching each elbow. The master then ordered all three to precum into my penis feeder on the cage. I could not believe it, all three leaked precum almost instantly on command. For one of them it seemed difficult and the master pushed a button and I think a butt plug started to vibrate or something as I heard moans from the gagged slaves mouth. His pre-cum/milk came out almost like a faucet.

And as on command since I didn't want to be zapped by the electrified plug, I drink it all up fast as I can. This seemed to make the master proud, he laughed and told the three slaves they just might have their toy they have been wanting.

I wouldn't mind be played with by the girl slave, but she talked as if she already had a doll or two. Would I be part of a collection of human made love dolls? Could I handle that? What kind of testing are the bidders going to do to me? But there is no way I think I could enjoy being those three slave's toss around toy doll. They were objects of submissive slavery but here I was an object, a doll only to serve without complaint.

I am then taken out of the cage and taken to a cleaning room. The plug is ripped from my plastic hole and I am cleaned up ready to be dressed. I am taken to a dressing room and I see all kinds of dresses. More humiliating than the dress I had to wear at the begining of this horrible nightmare. One of the frilliest dresses I think I have ever seen is placed on me. Buttons and zippers were done up the back. I was put in some candy stripped very long socks and finshed off with some black strap girl shoes. There was no mirror so one can only imagine how wierd I looked.

Since I can walk a little, more like wobble like a toddler leaning to walk, I am told to walk out a curtain that was down a hallway. I hear a voice announcing the introduction for Michelle the Fuck and Suck Doll. I wobble out of the curtain and see a line of bidders, including the slave girl I want to own me, and cheers loud as can be from the huge audience. I walk around and soon I am then told to sit on a couch. I sit down and he describes all of my achievments as a doll in trainng.

Oh please let this auction get over fast............


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