Trip to the Carnival 5

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2010 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/m; plastic; doll; display; auction; oral; anal; boxed; transported; cons; X

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Part Five

I am here upon the final bidding stage. The presenter is talking about me like I am the hottest play toy on the planet. I am getting anxious and I hope my new owner treats me better than the hell training I went through over the past weeks. As I am being described there are videos being presented of my training including the previous tryout sessions. Then as the final video of me in the cage I was in earlier is played, a variety of bondage equipment is brought up onto the stage for me to be locked into.

I then am walked over and I am locked onto a horse bench and my arms and legs are locked into place. I instinctively raise my head so there is total access to my awaiting mouth hole. The presenter expresses how obedient I am with anxiousness to have my face fucked. He calls upon the audience to see if there are anyone that would like a personal demonstration. This seemed out of the ordinary since the only testers before now have been current bidders. A group of young adults shout and holler for their friend to give me a try.

This young man comes up onto the stage and is asked his name and age. I learn that it is his eighteenth birthday today and is also a virgin. This made the audience laugh a little. He is then asked if he wants to fuck my face or fuck my pussyhole. He gladly wants to fuck my awaiting face. He strips down and he gets erect extremely fast and you can see his precum just ready to drip. The announcer tells the young man to get his precum cleaned up by my tongue. He then walks over and sticks his medium sized cock into my face and I stick my tongue out and I cleaned the precum off like a champion. This I know made him even more excited as more precum came dripping out.

After I had cleaned off the precum he was told to go ahead and fuck my face any way he liked and not to worry as I have been trained properly to breathe. He proceeded to fuck my face slow then fast for a minute and then I could tell he was about to blow his load. He shoved it in as hard as he could then I felt what seemed like a good ounce or so of cum shoot down my throat and as he pulled out of my throat he squirted even more into my mouth. He pulled out all the way and was getting ready to leak onto the stage. The announcer yelled at him to get me to finish the cum out of him.

After I had sucked out the rest of the cum he asked the announcer where the bathroom was because he had to piss really bad now. Laughter came from the announcer and told the young man that if he wanted to he could use my pussyhole as a toilet for the next demonstration. I could see he was puzzled and walked behind me and tried to stick it in soft, which didn't work too easily but he got it in me. A moment later I felt the warm stream of piss shoot into my bowels and started to moan instinctively and the microphone was put in front of me so the audience could hear my moans of pleasure, or actual misery. This made the entire audience cheer with pleasure.

He pulled out and a butt plug was put inside my pussyhole so I would not leak any of it. I saw someone bring over the penis drinking unit that I had to drink from while I was in my cage earlier and I could only imagine what was next. How wrong I was.

A pitcher was put behind me and the butt plug was pulled out and I was told to slowly release my piss enema. I did my best as I was told and I was able to fulfill the request. The penis drinking gag was put into my mouth and a clamp on the hose was clicked and I watched in horror when the piss enema I just received was being poured into the funnel. After the pitcher was empty the young man was asked to release it into my mouth.. It flowed slowly into my mouth and it was one of the vilest things I have ever had to endure, I  would rather of had the bowl of cum on the one demonstration night.

After I had finished of my drink, the final bidders were now able to give me one final test drive if they so chose to. The slave boys had fun fucking my face and fucking my pussyhole while their master whipped my back. You could hear the whipping noise throughout the entire hall and my moaning sounds of pain and pleasure where again being amplified by the microphone being shoved in my face. After they both came on command of their master they were told to clean up after each other. The one slave that was behind me moved in front of me and twice versa.

My pussy hole was being cleansed by the slaves tongue; let me tell you this was the most enjoyment I had since I was allowed to eat that pussy a couple weeks back. The other slave started to help clean out cum that was in my mouth as well. This was the first time I could feel my trapped penis trying it's best to get hard as this was very pleasurable.

After they were done there was one last tester out and it was the girl slave that I hope and pray wins me. She wanted the penis add-on demonstrated. I was unlocked from the horse and this penis attachment was put on me, it was great to actually see a penis, even though it was fake, down where mine was trapped in plastic. She herself put a strap-on on herself and we were then positioned in a way the she could fuck my pussyhole and she would be fucked in the ass. She went to work on me like she had done this a thousand times before. Her screams of excitement overpowered my moans of pleasure. Her master wanted to get some action to while she was doing her work. He stuck his cock into my mouth and I did as I was taught to and sucked on it as he partially fucked my mouth. No sooner after he came into my mouth she came as well. He made her clean off his cock and the crowed murmured in disappointment as they wanted to see me the main attraction clean it off.

After she had finished cleaning her master, I was made to clean her strap-on and clean her as well. I loved this and my excitement surely told everyone I loved it. I can't believe I am almost happy about being this fuck and suck doll soon to be owned by someone in a dungeon or something else.

After the cleaning was over I was to sit back down on the couch and the final bidding proceeded. The bidding went up to $225,000 and by $100 the slave girl won me. This made me have butterflies in my stomach and I was happy with joy that a girl would own me and not some guy. I also could not believe that bids would exceed $100,000 because not even Real Dolls cost anywhere near that much, but I am alive inside and they are not so I guess that's what made the difference.

After the auction was over I was taken into the backroom ready to be packaged up for delivery. A white flower dress was put on me, something similar to what you'd see at a wedding, and white tights and black shiny shoes were put on me. A practice feeding cock was strapped onto my mouth and I could tell the feeding cock was filled with cum, I was told it was from a majority of the attendees that were in the audience and I should have my fulfillment of protein. I was then made to stand against some cardboard and some straps came through attaching me to the cardboard. I then saw a box slightly bigger than me with my pictures and description of the fuck n suck doll all over it with a clear plastic window on the front. I was actually being packaged up like a real doll would at a toy store.

My new owners soon arrived after my packaging was finished. A dolly was brought over to transport me to their truck so I could go home with them. I and my box were wheeled out to their truck and I was lifted up and was strapped to the bed of the truck standing up. A few straps were put into place so I would not fall over.

As they drove off I could see everything from the back of the truck including all the traffic on the highway and everyone driving could see me inside the box. My cum feeding gag wasn't emptying as fast as I had hoped, there must be at least a gallon of cum in that thing or something since it hasn't been finished and we've been driving for over an hour.

They pull off onto an exit and drive down some inner city streets then down a side street. They finally pull into a driveway and I believe they have reached their destination. I am then escorted into the house and brought to her room. I see many sex toys and other dungeon style equipment in here and I try to smile with glee but with the feeding gag in you can't tell anyway. As the girl opens my box up her master brings in a round pedestal which looks like a big doll stand with a collar and hook in the middle. There is also a rod that goes up half way that comes from the center of the pedestal. I am then carried over to the pedestal and my feet are locked down to the base and the collar is locked onto my neck. The middle hook goes around my waist and is tightened up making me more or less immobile much like a doll would on a smaller display. The slave girl grabs a box for her master and opens it up and I see some dildos inside of it. She carries one over to her master and he goes behind me fiddling with the rod and to my surprise the dildo is hooked up to it and shoved into my pussyhole. The master walks around and looks at me in the face and tells me to blink once for slow and easy or 2 blinks for fast and hard. I blink once so I do not get abused like I have been over the past weeks.

A switch is flipped and I am now being fucked by a machine and it goes in and out of me 4 times every minute. A plexiglass covering with holes on it is put around me so I am on display like a true collector’s doll. Before a door is closed on me my feeding cock gag is removed. The door closed and locked and a tiny little display light is turned on above my head. The girl talks to me through the plexiglass and says 'Pleasant dreams and we will have more fun tomorrow like we did earlier today!' And with that they both left the room and shut off the main light and I am left alone on display with many sex items in the shadows to look at and to ponder my new owned future.


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