Weekend Maid Part 2: Parent's Return

by Gromet

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Part 2: Parent's Return.

Later that day Valerie’s parents returned home from work, the maid-bots all received instructions to form a line by the front door and stand at attention for inspection. This was left over programming from the previous occupier of the house, the maid-bots still functioning under her commands. She liked them all to stand there when she got home so she could admire their bodies; she had one maid-bot in particular that she admired a lot, the previous owner of the collar. She had taken that maid-bot with her when she left.

Now the maid-bots lined up, the vehicle parked outside which Jessie could hear and then footsteps towards the door. She didn’t know what to do, she certainly wouldn’t want to stand here dressed like this when Valerie’s parents returned home but the system had instructed her to move there and stand with the other maid-bots at attention in a row. Jessie could only look straight ahead and await her embarrassing fate.

‘What will they think of me?’ she thought, her skin blushing under the cover of the latex catsuit, hiding her shame and humiliation, but deep down she was beginning to like this, her inner stirrings were starting again and she felt her nipples start to engorge. ‘Oh my’, she thought, ‘stop thinking like that.’

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and there stood Valerie’s parents, they took their coats off and handed them to the nearest maid-bot, who placed them over her arm. They entered the house briefly looking at the maid-bots standing there but they were used to seeing them standing there like this when they came home. Valerie’s Father took a cursory glance at the maid-bots, he always loved how they looked in the suits and wondered how his wife would look in one. And then the thought was gone and he walked into his study to check his mail.

Valerie’s Mother on the other hand looked at the maid-bots, especially the one on the end, there had only been three this morning when she left and the last one looked a little odd, something about her didn’t seem right. But her own thoughts were interrupted by Valerie coming down the stairs; she walked over to hug her daughter.

“Oh Mum, I didn’t realise the time.” Valerie said. “You’re home early.”

“Yes, we finished up early today; your Father had to come home to prepare a report that was on his desk.” Her mother said.

Then she spotted Jessie standing there with the other maid-bots, ‘Oh no’ she thought, ‘I’d forgotten about Jessie.’

“Come and tell me all about your day Mother.” Valerie said and whisked her Mother away from the view of the maids, holding her arm to lead her to the lounge.

“Are you sure dear, you never normally…” her Mother responded but was cut short by Valerie.

“Nonsense, I want to hear every detail.” Valerie relieved to get her Mother away from Jessie, who seemed to be moving away now, along with the rest of the maid-bots.

Jessie walked into the kitchen with another maid-bot, there they began to prepare the evening meal for the family, vegetables were sliced and diced, meat seasoned and placed in the oven, sauces were prepared, all without that much thought from Jessica the system controlling her actions, she would have to try to remember these recipes she thought.

Once the food was ready, the maid-bots carried the meal on several trays into the dining room; the family had heard that dinner was now ready and began to move into the dining room, taking up their seats just as the maid-bots brought the food to the table. The two maid-bots served the food and then brought out the wine; they poured the liquid into the waiting glasses and stood back awaiting further instructions as the family began to eat.

Jessie was loving the smell of the food as she stood there, she and another maid-bot had cooked and served dinner, but she was feeling hungry from the delicious aroma and her tummy rumbled. ‘Oh my, I must be hungry,’ she thought as she heard her stomach growl. She’d overcome her embarrassment, she had no option other than to serve the family, she was under the systems control and there was nothing she could do about it. She was very nervous of being discovered, not that it showed on the outside.

Valerie was the closest to Jessie, as she sat there eating she felt guilty for pranking her friend, but she didn’t want to get into trouble with her parents, they would be angry with her for turning Jessie into a maid-bot. So she tried her best to ignore Jessie, and concentrate on keeping her Mother distracted by conversation. Her Father it seems didn’t realise that they had another maid-bot in the house; to him they all looked sexy and alike.

She heard Jessie’s stomach growl, she coughed to cover up the sound, her Mother patting her on the back thinking some food had got stuck in her throat, though she knew that something was up. She could see straight through her daughter and knew when she was trying to hide something, or was up to mischief. She didn’t let on that she knew something was amiss.

The family continued their meal, followed by dessert and then they moved out of the dining room as the maid-bots began clearing up the remains. Valerie followed her Mother and they settled down in the lounge to watch some soap program that her Mother enjoyed, though Valerie thought it lame, and couldn’t stand watching it normally. Which only went to confirm in her mind that Valerie was up to something.

Valerie could only stand so much of the program and had to excuse herself, “I need to pee.” She said, but secretly glad that she could get away from the television and the poor excuse of a program her mother liked. Valerie headed upstairs, now pleased that her Mother had not found out about Jessie, but didn’t know what to do whilst her parents were home.

Jessie meanwhile was busy in the kitchen, she was cleaning the food off of the plates and into the recycling system, her stomach growling as she watched to food go down the drain and be churned up into a liquid waste. She couldn’t of course eat, the system wouldn’t allow it, maid-bots only require recharging overnight to function. Her mind was focused on the task at hand and didn’t hear Valerie’s mother come not the kitchen.

“Maid-bot identify yourself.” She said.

“Maid-bot Jessie SB-008-6954-371 at your service Mistress.” Jessie stated automatically.

“Jessie, that explains it.” Valerie’s’ mother said. “I knew that something was up.”

Sophia, Valerie’s Mother, was a kind woman, she’d known Jessie for a while and knew that they were best friends, they were always getting into mischief too, ‘co-conspirators’ she called them. She also knew about the maid-bot system, she had worked for the Maid-bots, Inc, a while ago when they introduced the ‘Stacy system’. So she knew all about its features, she wasn’t sure how the two of them had cooked up this idea or how they had gotten one of the old control collars that Jessie was now wearing around her neck. But she thought she’d play along and see what the two of them were up to.

“Okay Jessie-bot, return to your duties.” Sophia said, touching the maid-bot on the shoulder, she could feel the warmth coming through the suit, so she knew that Jessie was inside.

“Oh hello dear,” said Bruce, her husband, “Sorry to interrupt you.” Surprised to see his wife touching one of the maid-bots, and again wondering what she’d look like in the suit. Now with the vision of her and the maid-bot in bed together.

“Yes Bruce, what is it?” Interrupted from her thoughts by her husband entering, and discovering her touching the maid-bot. She shook herself from her thoughts.

“I need your help, could you read through the last pages of the project?” he asked.

“Oh okay,” she said, not looking forward to working at home, it had been a long day at work; she didn’t want to but knew that she must help him.

They both left Jessie continuing to clean the kitchen, once done Jessie then began to go upstairs to prepare the bedrooms; she was interrupted from her thoughts about her tasks when she received further commands to return to the kitchen, her Master required her to serve drinks in his study. Jessie prepared a tray as directed and headed off to the study. She hoped again that she wasn’t discovered; she thought that she’d gotten away with it so far and wondered where her friend Valerie was.

She entered just like any of the other maid-bots would do; she served the drinks to both Valerie’s parents, and then waited for further instructions. Bruce looked up at the maid-bot as it entered, he watched as her body shifted in the tight latex suit, his arousal at this not unnoticed by his wife, who knew that he liked the look of the maids, even when she asked him to change them to standard uniforms, she was told by him that they were not their property and couldn’t change their appearance, which she knew wouldn’t be true but allowed him to indulge himself in his fantasy of her being inside one of the suits.

Sophia also watched as Jessie entered the room, she also marvelled at how grown up Jessie looked in the suit, no longer a girl but now it seems developed into a woman, her curves accentuated by the shiny latex catsuit. Her breasts certainly filled out now, the latex holding them firmly; she hoped that her husband didn’t notice the nipples on this maid-bot, which seem to be constantly at attention. She admired the look of the maid-bot's body in the suit, a slight flush of arousal at the sight before her.

Jessie could do nothing but stand there, she had seen them both look up at her as she walked into the room, Valerie’s Father seemed to be enjoying looking at her latex clad body, ‘I wonder if he’d feel the same if he knew it was me in here?’ she wondered. ‘Though, I do seem to like the attention.’ She thought as she felt her nipples harden again. ‘I must be wearing a hole in the latex.’ She laughed to herself.

She could see Sophia looking at her too, she was worried when she approached her when she was working in the kitchen, she had caught her off-guard though she could have done nothing to prevent it, she was just another maid-bot being controlled by the system and she loved the freedom it gave her. She had felt Sophia touch her shoulders, her touch was electric, and it wasn’t expected as she hadn’t been touched all day, so when it happened a shock went through her internally, she liked it.

‘Does this make me a lesbian?’ she thought.

“Maid, return to your duties.” Sophia said, happy that her husband hadn’t realised that it was Jessie inside the maid-bot suit.

Later when she thought that her parents were asleep Valerie sneaked downstairs to find Jessie, she looked in the kitchen but she didn’t find her there, she then went to the maids’ room. Once there she found Jessie standing in one of the charging pods, Valerie was shocked to find her standing in there, and there seemed to be a cable attached to her collar. “Jessie?” she asked.

But she got no response, once Jessie had finished her duties for the day she was directed by the system to return to the maids’ room and place herself in one of the pods, she connected the cable to the input in her own collar and then promptly ‘switched-off’ as she thought she was doing. She’d had a great day being a maid-bot and now it was time for her to rest, she felt that this was natural to her and just followed the systems guidance to place her in here.

“Jessie, wake up!” Valerie now spoke a little louder.

“She won’t wake up, she’s recharging.” Her Mother said behind her.

“Mom!” she squealed, “you surprised me there.”

“No more surprised when I came home to find 4 maid-bots waiting by the door.” She answered. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“It’s not what you think Mum.” Valerie said, “I… “

“So what were you two thinking when you hatched this plan?” Sophia asked her daughter, looking at Jessie who was still asleep in the pod.

“It wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened.” Valerie replied, “Jessie liked the way the maid-bots looked in the suits and I offered to help her find out what it was like to wear one.”

“So you dressed her up and she suddenly became a maid-bot. I don’t think so.” Her Mother said.

“Well… technically that’s my fault…” Valerie squirmed knowing that she’d been busted misbehaving again, she always felt like a little girl again when her Mother found her out.

“Your fault, it’s your fault that Jessie is now one of our maids?” Sophia asked, “Explain yourself.” Knowing full well about the collar control and the maid-bot system, but she wanted to hear Valerie’s explanation.

“I’d found the collar a while ago whilst trying on one of the suits myself.” Valerie blushed, “I hadn’t tried it before now but I’d looked it up online so knew some of what it could do.”

“You know that she’s controlled by the same system that runs the maid-bots, don’t you.” Sophia said, “and that she has no control over her own body.”

“I didn’t realise…” Valerie said.

“When did you do this to her?” she asked.

“This morning, when she first came over.” Valerie answered.

“This morning! Has she eaten? Has she had anything to drink? No wonder I heard her tummy rumble in the dining room. Poor dear, she must have been famished watching all that food go down the drain and unable to eat any of it.” Sophia exclaimed, shocked at how long Jessie had been a maid-bot.

“Sorry Mother, I didn’t realise…” Valerie started crying.

“Shh dear, where’s the remote, there must be a control device somewhere.” She asked.

“Here it is.” Valerie said, handing the device over to her Mother, “Will she be alright?”

“Yes she will, but no thanks to you.” Sophia took the remote and pointed it at Jessie.

Jessie felt the system’s controlling thought leave her head, she felt disappointed that she was no longer communicating with the system; she’d grown to like it. She also felt her body return to her, her muscles ached from all of the work she’d been doing and more importantly she felt very thirsty and hungry. She remembered her time in the kitchen when she scraped the food down the drain, not able to taste the food that she’d cooked or the drinks she’d served others.

She opened her eyes to find the concerned faces of Valerie and her mother looking at her. She felt her embarrassment at being found by Valerie’s Mother well up inside her, she could still feel the catsuit covering her and wondered why they were looking at her like that. She stood there in the charging pod as she regained her senses and bodily control, it seemed natural to her to be here, it was comfortable and she felt safe.

“Jessie?” Sophia said. “Wake up Jessie.”

“Uh, what…” Jessie responded.

“Time to come out of the pod.” Sophia said, “You need to get some fluids in you.”

“Urgh!, that stuff tastes like…” Jessie thought they meant the cleaning liquid she tasted earlier.

“No silly, you need some water.” Sophia said. “Come with me to the kitchen.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie said, which amused her as she said it, it came from somewhere deep inside her mind.

“Is she still a maid-bot?” Valerie asked her mother.

“No it’s just some residual memories, they will wear off in time.” She replied.

All three entered the kitchen, Jessie went to serve them all drinks but they managed to sit her down on a chair and gave her some water to drink, holding the glass for her to drink from, Valerie said, ”I’m sorry Jessie, I didn’t know what to do when you became a maid-bot.”

They made her drink some more water and then gave her some food, making sure that she ate the whole plate. Jessie was feeling more like herself when she’d finished. Though she still had thoughts that she should be the one serving them, they had stopped her from doing that, now she sat there as they served her, which felt at odds to her programming. ‘I should be serving them.’ She thought.

“Okay, let’s get her upstairs and into bed, we can talk more about this in the morning.” Sophia said.

“It’s okay Mum, I’ll put her to bed and keep an eye on her, you go and get some sleep, don’t worry I promise to look after her.” Valerie said to her Mother.

Valerie led Jessie into her bedroom; Sophia now headed off to her bedroom and left the two girls to themselves.

“Okay Jess, let’s get you undressed and ready for bed.” Valerie said, not realising that she’d sealed Jessie inside the suit with the UV glue.

“I’m so tired couldn’t I just sleep like this?” Jessie asked, secretly wanting to stay encased in the latex catsuit. “I suddenly feel like my body is beat, I’ve done a lot of cleaning today.”

“Mum wouldn’t like it,” Valerie said, “but if we leave it on overnight, we can change you in the morning.”

“Sure… goodnight.” Jessie said as she flopped down on the bed face-down, she was soon asleep, over tired from all the exertion. Valerie lay down next to her and was soon asleep too, though not having the same wonderful maid-bot dreams that Jessie was having.



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