Weekend Maid Part 3: Maid-bot Jessie

by Gromet

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Part 3: Maid-bot Jessie.

Jessie woke up before anyone else in the house, she felt in her mind that she should be up and getting things ready for the family. She was already dressed in her maids’ outfit, so I must be one of the maids she thought. She’d had some great dreams during the night where she was serving as one of the house maids, she felt that she belonged as a maid, it was her purpose in life, and she also felt great euphoria and contentment in being a maid.

After putting herself through the cleaning station she found the remote for the collar that she was still wearing and pressed the button to connect herself back into the house system. Once she felt the connection in her mind she felt all of her stresses and strains, all of the pains that she’d experienced from the work she’d done yesterday float away, she felt at peace and her body was more alive.

Jessie was in the kitchen when the first of the family ventured downstairs, Bruce, Valerie’s father was the first to come downstairs. He found Jessie busy in the kitchen; she’d made a pot of coffee and was now getting breakfast ready for the family when they awoke. He stood there admiring the maid-bot in front of him, he loved the way they looked encased in the shiny latex suit. He could feel himself stirring, the front of his pyjama pants was beginning to look like a tent, he continued to focus on the maid-bot and watched her as she moved around the kitchen.

Bruce sat himself down to watch her some more, then asked the maid to bring him coffee, which she complied with, bringing him a steaming hot cup prepared just the way he liked it. He could feel the maid’s presence as she placed the cup on the table in front of him, he could smell the latex fragrance and the polish that they used to keep the suit shiny.

The maid-bot after placing the cup down went back to her tasks without another thought, she was pleased to have been of service, it sent a small thrill through her. She stood at the kitchen sink cutting up various pieces of fruit, peeling bananas and getting a fresh fruit salad ready for the family. Jessie didn’t know that Bruce had risen from his chair and had made his way over to where she was standing; the first she knew is when she felt a hand on her left buttock.

Bruce had come over to get closer to the maid-bot, his hand reached out to touch her on her rear, he wasn’t thinking too much about his actions, he was just overcome with lust for the latex suited maid-bot, he’d never touched one before, so wasn’t surprised to find the maid-bot was warm to the touch and soft underneath too, he thought that they were all like this.

Jessie was at first not sure what was happening, she was under the control of the house system preparing food, when the hands touched her, she did feel the same electricity she had felt previously when Sophia had touched her shoulder, but this was different the hand was not only touching but moving, grasping and rubbing her bottom. In her mind she was shocked, ‘What the…’ was her first thought, then she thought, ‘why is he doing that to me, doesn’t he know it’s me Jessie in here?’

Her embarrassment weld up inside her, she blushed profusely but this was hidden under the cover of the suit, she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t move, she was frozen on the spot, the system would not let her break free from his grasp. Bruce meanwhile was enjoying feeling the maid-bot, he loved the touch of the latex, he wondered what Sophia, his wife would feel like wearing this.

Just then his thoughts were interrupted, Sophia had entered the kitchen and spotted Jessie and then Bruce, his hand had quickly moved away from the maid-bots rear when he’d spotted her. She thought that maybe Jessie had been leading him on, but when she saw that she was still preparing food in the sink, she knew that was not the case.

“If you want to touch the maids bottom feel free, but don’t expect to come back into the bedroom tonight. If you want to touch anyone’s bottom it had better be mine!” she spat.

“Sorry dear…” he mumbled, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Well I do and it had better not happen again!” Sophia said. She turned to Jessie, “Maid bring me some coffee in the lounge.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie replied, and stopped what she was doing and poured the coffee, pleased that she was out of reach of Bruce and his wandering hands.

Placing the cup on the coffee table in front of Sophia she said, “Your coffee Mistress.”

“Thank you Jessie.” She said, “I’m sorry about Bruce, he should know better.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie responded, relieved to be out of the kitchen.

“Please follow me Jessie.” Sophia said. She lead her into the maids’ room, she found the remote laying there on the table and pressed the stop button.

Jessie saw her doing this, she thought that she’d upset Sophia with what had happened in the kitchen, she thought that her time as a maid-bot was coming to an end, she felt a deep sadness fall over her.

“Why are you back to being a maid Jessie, I thought that we’d turned off the system last night?” Sophia asked.

“You did Mistress, but this morning I felt the need to switch it back on, I woke up thinking that I had to serve you all, I was failing in my duties by not doing so.” Jessie said.

“That’s silly, you’re nearly one of the family, I’ve watched you two grow from girls to young women, you don’t need to be our maid.” Sophia said.

“But I loved being a maid-bot, I felt more at ease when I was being controlled and loved the peaceful serenity it gave my mind to serve you all without question or thought.” Jessie pleaded. “Please don’t turn me off, I’ve enjoyed being another one of the maid-bots in the house.”

“I’m not sure about this…” Sophia said.

“Please Mistress, I want to spend some more time as a maid-bot, I don’t have anything else that I want to do more. Please let me stay.” Jessie again pleaded.

“If you’re sure…” Sophia pondered, “though we’d best keep you away from wandering hands.”

“Yes that was embarrassing, I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop him, the system wouldn’t let me move away, I’m sorry Mistress.” Jessie stared to cry.

“No, it’s not your fault, pleased don’t think it was, here look I have the remote in my hand, dry your eyes and I’ll reset you.” Sophia now softened by Jessie’s pleas thought it best for the girl if she remained as a maid-bot for now.

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie said, now pleased that she was going back.

Jessie watched Sophia press the button on the remote, she felt the system reconnect with her mind and she felt back at peace, this was a comfort zone for Jessie, she hadn’t had that great of an upbringing, her parents had argued constantly about this and that, until the day came that her mother abandoned her, leaving her with her father, who resented Jessie because she reminded him of her mother. After her father had died she was forced to live with her mother and older sister, who both worked long hours as waitresses in a diner, leaving Jessie alone and feeling abandoned.

Sophia watched the change in Jessie as the system took control of her, she did look more content, her face even had a small smile, she began to realise that Jessie was happy being a maid-bot. She’d heard about women becoming maid-bots long term, they seem to want to remain in their maid-bot mode even to the detriment of their family life, but Jessie had no real family life, Sophia was sad about that as she liked the girl, she didn’t want to see her hurt in any way.

Jessie now fully functional again returned to her duties in the kitchen, Bruce now had vacated the room and made himself scarce, he knew what he had done was wrong and getting caught doing so even worse! Jessie served up the breakfast for the two family members out of bed so far, Bruce in his study, which he took without staring at the maid. ‘Too embarrassed’ thought Jessie, ‘so you should be molesting innocent maid-bots that way. Get a sexbot you perve.’

She had just served Sophia in the kitchen when Valerie came down, she walked in the kitchen and said hello to her mother. “Have you seen Jessie?” she asked, “She wasn’t in bed when I awoke this morning.”

Pointing at the maid-bot getting food ready, “Jessie’s there.” Sophia said.

“What! I thought we turned her off last night.” Valerie responded. “What happened?”

“Seems like she switched herself back on this morning. She’s been pottering around the kitchen for a few hours now.” Sophia replied.

Looking at Jessie as she continued working, “But why?” Valerie asked.

“I did ask her that this morning, I took her aside and switched her off, she likes being a maid-bot she told me, she finds it peaceful and is content to serve.” Sophia answered, “She even pleaded with me to turn her back on.”

“Really!” Valerie was shocked, their little game had turned into something else. “She wants to stay as a maid?”

“Yes.” Sophia said, finishing up her breakfast, “And she’s pretty good in the kitchen too.”

“Mum, you can’t be serious; she can’t stay as a maid.” Valerie said, “What about college?”

“She’s not going to college, her parents can’t afford for her to go, she told me a while back when I asked her what she was going to do now that you’d both finished high school.”

“Oh!” Valerie was stunned, “I thought… But she can’t stay as a maid.”

“Look let’s leave her to enjoy herself, at least for the weekend, your Father seems to have worked out we now have 4 maid-bots, though he didn’t think how that had happened, I just told him last night that I’d ordered another for a party I was going to have.” Sophia happy with how she’d tricked her husband. ‘Men are so easy’, she thought.

Valerie looked at her friend dressed in the latex catsuit busy in her duties as a maid-bot, she hoped that she was enjoying herself and would have to see what she could do to help her. “Okay Mum, if you think that’s right, then let’s leave her running.”

“She’ll need to have breaks for food & water, that’ll be your job as you started this whole thing off, and she’ll also need toilet breaks too.” Sophia said, “Oh and don’t leave her alone with your Father.”

“What! What happened?” Valerie asked.

“Nothing really, your Father seems to like the maids in their uniforms, but I’ve spoken with him, but don’t let Jessie be alone with him. He doesn’t know it’s her in there like we do, he thinks she is just another maid-bot.” Sophia said.

“I’ll have breakfast and give her some after.” Valerie said to her Mother, but wanting to find out more from Jessie.

An hour later both Valerie and Jessie were in the maids’ room, she’d switched off her maid-bot program and was now making Jessie eat breakfast. “Mum tells me that you want to remain as a maid-bot?” Valerie asked.

Jessie stopped eating, “Yes Val, I find it very peaceful, it calms my mind and I get great enjoyment from serving. My body feels more alive and I don’t feel tired like I do when back in the real world.”

“But you don’t want to stay this way forever, do you?” Valerie questioned Jessie.

“I hadn’t thought about it, one of the joys is that you don’t have to think being a maid-bot, you just are and the system allows you to function, all of my cares and worries are gone.” Jessie smiled.

“But what about college? What about us?” Valerie asked.

“I’m not going to college; your Mother told you about that in the kitchen, my family is too poor and uncaring to allow me to go to college.” Jessie said sadly, “And you’re going away soon anyway.”

“You can hear what’s said?” Valerie asked.

“Yes and feel, I’m still Jessie inside my head, I’ve not gone anywhere it’s just my body being controlled not my thoughts.” Jessie responded, remembering Bruce’s touch this morning.

“I know that I’m going to be away at college, but we’re best friends, I’m not going to forget you or ignore you.” Valerie hugged Jessie, who returned the hug and loved the feel of Valerie’s hands on her latex covered body. Her nipples responding. ‘I must be a lesbian!’ Jessie thought, ‘Why would I feel like this?’

“Still loving the latex I see!” Valerie teased Jessie pointing at her nipples.

Jessie blushed, she didn’t know where to look, she didn’t know how to tell Valerie that it wasn’t only the latex turning her on. “Please Mistress, turn me on.” Jessie pleaded, not realising the double meaning of her words until after she said them.

It was now Valerie’s turn to blush; she didn’t know what to do, so quickly grabbed the remote. “Here’s goes, see you later.”

Jessie was immediately back under the systems control, her body no longer hers to command, she began receiving instructions as to her next task. Walking away, leaving a confused Valerie in her wake.

* * *

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